The introduction of ringless voicemails changed the world of voicemail in an unprecedented manner – however, it doesn’t stop there. Ringless voicemails have also revolutionized marketing strategies, especially in outbound sales. Want to learn more about? Read on for all you need to know on how to use ringless voicemails to boost outbound sales.

What are Ringless Voicemails?

Ringless voicemail messages are voicemail messages left to an individual’s voicemail box without having their phone ring. They’re extremely effective at getting the attention of prospects and engaging them in the conversation.

Unlike normal voicemail messages, they don’t interrupt prospects in their daily activities, thus ensuring that you won’t annoy them and therefore have them develop an unfavorable attitude towards you. They can also be left for a longer period than other messages and have an even higher chance of being answered.

Ringless voicemails are easy to use and set up. The first step is to get a ringless voicemail software that’s suitable for your needs. Fortunately, a lot of service providers and marketing platforms, like Drop Cowboy Ringless Voicemail, now offer ringless voicemails as part of their services.

If you’re using software, it’s better to get one that has features like human voice synthesizer, multiple language, and accents. This will help you tailor the messages to be as human-like as possible.

Once you get the software, you’ll collate and compile all your contacts. You can divide them into current, fixed clients and new leads. It’s important you sort contacts efficiently so that messages get to the intended target audience.

Also, don’t forget that, although ringless voicemail is a legal marketing strategy, there are some things to stay clear off when using it. First, you need to make sure that messages you send aren’t too lengthy and that the purpose is precise. You should also avoid sending voicemails at odd hours of the day.

What are Outbound Sales?

Outbound selling is a marketing strategy that encompasses the more traditional nature of business marketing in which sales reps initiate and lead customer engagement by initiating phone calls or visits, making cold calls, and presenting their business proposition to the potential customer.

Outbound sales involve two-way communications between the marketing agent and the customer. The marketing representative may make a follow-up telephone call to a client if they haven’t seen or heard from a client for some time, or they may make an email approach to find out more about the client. In any case, the marketing representative uses the methods discussed above to get the client’s attention and then asks the client questions about their preferences, product knowledge, and their willingness to purchase from them.

When this sales transaction takes place, the salesperson establishes a relationship with the customer based on the answers the client provides, or a few of the answers. This relationship is referred to as a “cold call.” The salesperson then asks the following question:

“What do you need?” This is an open-ended question that allows the salesperson to begin a conversation. Once the marketing professional has completed their questions and has an idea of what the client wants to buy, it’s important to then present them with the product or service they want, and how to get it.

By asking the questions and providing examples of the product or service they’re interested in buying, marketing professionals state their case with the client and present their best effort to solve their problems. That way, the sales professional can show their client how they can become successful with your products and services.

As you can see, the process involved in outbound sales is different from inbound sales, where sales representatives aren’t the one making the chase. Instead, leads are generated as a result of effective content marketing. Outbound sales require a more aggressive approach as, in most cases, the person at the end of the line doesn’t know the product or service.

As a marketing strategy, outbound sales usually involve the use of cold calls, door to door visits, cold emails, and trade shows and industry events. Method of delivery may vary depending on the company and products; nonetheless, the process remains much the same – that is, you reach to generate and close leads from scratch.

How to Effectively Use Ringless Voicemails to Support Outbound Sales

Using traditional voicemails to generate leads for outbound marketing can be time-consuming, not to mention that the voicemails may remain unopened and not converted to leads. Using ringless voicemails increases the success rate of outbound rate and ensures you’re not breaching the privacy of your potential leads. Want to more about ways ringless voicemails support outbound sales? Continue reading below.

1. No Interruptions

Ringless voicemails allow you to leave messages for potential leads like traditional voicemail. The only difference is that it doesn’t need any ring or traditional calling to deliver the message. This saves you from the problem of interrupting your client’s daily routine and allows them to listen to the message at their own convenience.

Most modern consumers prefer not to get distracted while going about their routine. Using a ringless voicemail as support for outbound sale campaigns ensures you don’t intrude on their privacy and also gives them the upper hand in deciding when to listen to the message. This simple advantage encourages more lead generations, which gives you an edge when doing outbound sales.

2. Reach a Wider Audience

Using ringless voicemails as support for your outbound sales also allows you to reach wider audiences and make more deliveries and conversions. This is possible because sales representatives would only be required to ‘drop voicemail’ and not actively engage with the person. Since they’re only leaving information, they can distribute more information and make more contacts than when using traditional voicemail.

Besides, the more messages you can drop, the more contacts you make and leads that can make potential customers, increasing your sales turnover.

3. Cut Down Costs

Incorporating ringless voicemails as support for your outbound sales is a smart way of cutting down marketing costs while ensuring that there’s an increase in leads generations and conversion. For one, ringless voicemails don’t require a live caller because it doesn’t require a call in the first place. This means that you can reduce labor cost and deploy the resources required to operate traditional voicemails to other necessary things. Lower costs mean higher profit margins!

Besides, it also ensures that your team isn’t overworked and that they can focus on other things, such as closing leads and improving content marketing.

4. Follow Up and Convert Old Leads

Marketing is an aggressive game, and it’s not unusual to have a pile of old leads that are getting cold as the days go by. While most people usually ditch their stash of old leads, you can revamp and convert yours with the help of ringless voicemails. Using traditional voicemails to follow up and covert old leads can be repetitive, boring and not to mention fruitless! However, you can change the game by adding the old leads to your ringless voicemails campaigns.

That way, it can follow-up without incurring additional costs and engaging in repetitive behavior. What’s more, it’d also pick up new viable leads that you can close. Using this strategy has the potential of increasing sales and profit margins. This is because you’re using a cost-effective tech to generate new leads that others had given up. Besides, the chances of getting the listener at the end of the mail to listen are higher when you use a ringless voicemail than when you use a traditional voicemail.

 5. Closing the Gaps

Moreover, adopting ringless voicemails as a support for your outbound sales is an effective way of closing the gaps. As most sale reps soon realize, one of the biggest challenges of lead generation and conversion is losing potential viable leads before a real sale is initiated.

You can help close these gaps by sending ringless voicemails as reminders or an introduction before an official contact is made. That way, you can close gaps that might prevent an eventual sale and maximize marketing campaigns. By increasing the number of prospects before sale or contact, you can potentially double sales and lead conversion.

 6. Get Deals to Targeted Audience

One way of ensuring that your deals get to the targeted audience is by incorporating ringless voicemails as part of your outbound sales. With targeted offers, you can increase your conversion rate and time. Using ringless voicemails can help you drop these deals to the right consumers in your database, at the right time! This helps you maximize resources and reduce wastage.

For instance, you can use ringless drops to remind customers and inform potential leads about a discount offer on a particular product or service. Sending the offer to a targeted group interested in such services ensures that you generate more leads and higher conversion rates and sales.

Apart from the above, there are other ways you can use ringless voicemails for your outbound sales. These include:

• Introducing potential leads to loyalty or reward program.

• Providing information on new services and products.

• Send reminders for payments, appointments, deals, etc.

• Catching up on customers who haven’t ordered in a while.

• Sharing important information about a product or service

Strategies to Help Improve Outbound Sales

Some businesses prefer focusing on inbound sales because they feel it’s a more successful approach. However, this isn’t entirely, true. Your outbound sales campaigns can be effective if you know the right strategies to implement. Here are five practical strategies to ensure your ringless voicemails campaigns for outbound sale are successful.

Be Helpful: if you want to be successful with outbound sales, then your campaigns must be helpful. Your ringless voicemails must be tailored to offer useful and helpful information to the prospects. Being helpful here means putting the needs of your potential prospects first. By focusing on customers’ needs and offering practical solutions, you can close deals faster via ringless voicemails.

Maximize Referrals: Another effective strategy you can adopt is taking advantage of referrals. After closing a deal, the next thing should be how to get the customer to refer you in their network. Doing this not only increase lead generation, but it also has a huge potential for increasing sales. You can tailor your ringless voicemails to drop follow up messages that are can subtly encourage your customers to refer you to their circle.

Make Use of Scripts: Although not everyone would agree, it’s a great idea to make use of scripts when recording ringless voice mails for outbound sales. With a great script, you can avoid using unnecessary words. It also eliminates errors and encourages precision.

Avoid Lengthy Messages: As much as you want to give all the details on a particular product, service, it’s better to always keep ringless voicemails precise. Lengthy messages can drag on and make prospects lose interest even before they start. You’ll have to find a balance on how to tailor your message to include all the necessary details without dragging on.

Why Use Ringless Voicemails for Outbound Sales

Cost-Effective: Choosing ringless voicemails as support for your outbound sales is cost-effective and can fit into any campaign irrespective of your budget. While there are other equally effective tools that you can use, they’re more expensive to run and implement.

Gives You Full Control: Ringless voicemails give you full control over strategy. You don’t have to worry about mistakes, human errors, or unforeseen circumstances. The drops are automated, and you have the advantage of pre-recording message in advance. This gives you full control over the message you want, delivering a more effective marketing strategy.

Targeted Audience: One of the most obvious advantages of this tool is its ability to reach a wide target audience in the shortest time possible. With ringless voicemails, you can send thousands of messages and reach diverse groups in no time. What’s more, you don’t need a team for this! It saves you time, labor while ensuring you reach your audience with a click.

Easy to Set Up: Another reason why you should consider ringless voicemails is the ease of use. No matter the type of business you run, you can easily use ringless voicemails without any hassles. Your operator set it up for you, and it’s also easy to set up if you decide to do it yourself.

High Conversion Rate: Unlike traditional voicemails, ringless voicemails offers a higher chance of a callback and conversion rate. This is because they allow prospects to listen to messages at their convenience, without disrupting their routine.


Ringless voicemails offer numerous benefits to businesses who want to do outbound sales. It helps you reach a wider, targeted audience without being intrusive. It also helps increase the reply and conversion rate for outbound sales campaigns. What’s more? Ringless voicemails are super easy to set up, cost-effective to run.