A digitally connected world creates ample opportunities when it comes to doing business, and if a global expansion happens to be on the cards for your own company, you may find your marketing budget can stretch further than you initially imagined.

While a business expansion can be tough, the rewards for doing so can be astronomical, provided you adopt the right strategy.

Here are some important points to consider for those of you wanting to reach an international audience without breaking the bank.

Multilingual Telemarketing

Telemarketing can be an effective tool in a vast array of circumstances, but when language barriers are thrown into the mix, the general message you are trying to convey may be lost in translation.

By outsourcing multilingual telemarketing services, you no longer need to worry about this factor. Plus, you can relish in the many benefits that an expert marketing team has to offer you, without having to delve too far into the financial reserves.

You may wish to check out gsa-marketing.co.uk for a superb example of what an experienced service can offer your company.

SEO Matters

In theory, great SEO can be done with fairly limited resources and a ton of talent, even when operating at an international level.

Localization is incredibly important in this regard, so conducting thorough research should be among your top priorities.

You may land yourself in some hot water if not, depending on your product and the way in which you decide to advertise it.

A good place to start is checking your website analytics for international traffic. Say you were based in the United States and had an unusual number of Spanish visitors check out your site’s wares, what is it that makes your brand resonate in that particular area, and what do you need to do to optimize its resonance? You may already have an audience waiting.

Social Media Marketing

When done right, social media marketing can be intensely valuable, and it should not be overlooked as a platform for getting your brand’s voice heard internationally.

Leveraging influencers is a good way to reach an existing, well-established fanbase, and you can generally do this fairly inexpensively, especially if you are willing to part ways with some merchandise and taster products.

Moreover, influencers do not necessarily need to have millions of followers to be effective. In fact, if you can partner with a small influencer who makes videos that are highly relevant to your product or services, you may be able to generate much higher-quality leads, rather than a wealth of inconsequential ones.

Contact the Local News

If you are hoping to branch out in a specific area abroad, it is certainly worth contacting the local news and alerting them to your brand’s presence, particularly if you want to sell products.

Even if this is just for a quick radio announcement or a short interview for a newspaper, it will help you localize your efforts and hopefully, give you some greater insight into what to expect from your new audience.