There are a number of ad blockers in the market that provide similar functions and features as others. It becomes difficult for the buyer and user to choose among this lot. The first and foremost characteristic of an ad blocker is to eliminate annoying ads from the webpage content. Several other ad blockers in the market provide additional components along with the basic features. However, it is tough to find the right kind of adblocker for one’s use. Hence, one solution to finding the best ad blocker is by ranking them on a certain fundamental basis and then choosing the right one.


Most often than not, when we want to install an ad blocker, we go for the most recommended one. However, this is where the problem starts. One must choose the adblocker by his or her system, browser, and software. Some may use it for mobile phones.

However, others may install it on their desktop. Decide whether you want the ad blocker as an extension or a plugin with the browser. After downloading, install, and run it with your browser to check the compatibility.


It is a common perception that the most expensive ad blocker is the best one, but this notion is false. You must create your budget and then choose the ad blocker that suits your system the best.

The price may vary from very cheap rates to free applications to costly software, but you must go for the one that is compatible with your computer. Adblocker is a necessary application that helps in saving your battery life, system privacy, third party data, and page loading duration. Hence, it is worth your investment.

Privacy and security

Privacy of one’s data and security of information in the desktop and phone shall be the priority of any adblocker application. The speed and accuracy of malware detection and blocking the spammers determine whether the ad blockers are capable of securing the data of not.

Several adblockers tend to reduce the ads on the webpage but use the information on the phone through the process. There is no need for an ad blocker that cannot keep your data safe from hackers and spammers.

Restriction tracking

This means that the user can block the advertisement that he or she doesn’t like. Restriction tracking is an excellent way of personalizing the software of adblocking. When a user is at the liberty of selecting what content he can see and what he does not want to see, the application fulfills its objective.

The feature of destruction tracking allows the user to block requests and ads from specific websites of specific categories. When the ad does not show on the webpage, the information automatically becomes clear and accurate, since no annoying ads are popping up on the sides. Ad lockers with this feature are costly because they provide users to restrict the information which is relevant and required. However, it is worth your investment.