Wondering how you can get free Instagram likes for your brand?

Well, it’s a good thing to do. Of course, you need to grow the number of likes on your posts as they contribute to improving your engagement rate.

But to get the Instagram likes, you need to put up a lot of effort as Instagram is not any other platform where you can expect people to like anything that you post.

Think, what can you do to make your Instagram posts more likeable? What can you do to grab the attention of your targeted audience and prompt them to tap the heart button?

Can’t figure it out? Don’t worry, we’re here to sort this.

Presenting here the 6 best ways that can help you to up your game on Instagram and get more Instagram likes for your posts.

6 Incredible Ways to Get Free Instagram Likes:

Post High-Quality and Unique Content

On Instagram, there’s nothing like “good enough”. Due to high competition on the platform, you need to level up your game by posting high-quality and unique photos and videos.

This will help you to grab the attention of the audience who are there scrolling on Instagram and looking for something worth engaging to shower their likes and comments on it.

Whether you need to spend some money to buy equipment or you need to hire a professional for clicking pictures, figure out how it can benefit your business and how much potential it has to bring you more high-quality Instagram likes.

Use the Right Hashtags

Using Hashtags is very important on Instagram more than any other social media platform. It multiplies the potential reach of your post and helps you to reach a whole new audience.

While choosing your hashtag strategy, don’t be too broad but don’t be too niche as well.

Put your hashtags in the right place- the comments, use an effective number of hashtags which is currently known to be 9 on Instagram and create a branded hashtag.

Tag Relevant Brands and Other Accounts

There’s a common saying- you get what you give away. The same thing is with Instagram. You need to give attention to people and other accounts to get their attention in return.

For this, you can tag a collaborator, a childhood hero, a brand that you worked with, a famous personality if you are using his/her quote, or anyone relevant to your post content.

Through the mention, the aim is to show that you value them and share this value with your audience.

In return, their audience will also see this value and it would be better to improve your brand’s visibility as well.

Write Great Instagram Captions

You must write great and engaging captions to catch the attention of the audience towards your content. However, the tough task is figuring out what to put up that proves to be great for your brand.

Depending on your niche, the ideas are going to vary, of course. For example, when you are creating captions, it isn’t necessary to create short ones.

If you are an influencer, sharing a personal story about how a product helped you to heal your skin and look beautiful can spark an emotion in the audience in which they also start relating to it. This can go well to improve your PR and gets you more real Instagram likes.

Use Geotag to add Location

You can geotag your location to help your post to reach out to more people in a specific location such as a city or an area. It is a good way to let more people find and like your post.

On the other hand, if you are a brand that has a physical store, it is even more important to use geotagging. It helps to build a community with your existing and potential new customers.

Remember to add your location correctly so that people can find your directions on the map easily.

Buy Genuine Instagram Likes

Last but not the least, to get likes for your posts, you can buy Instagram likes online with instant delivery. This is a quick way to boost the growth of your account and get a high number of likes on your selected posts.

There are different packages available and you can buy any number of likes as per your choice and convenience.

But make sure to buy genuine likes only from trusted sources so that you don’t waste your money on buying spam likes. They don’t contribute to improving the engagement rate of your brand, only the high-quality likes can do that.


So, these were the best tips to get free Instagram likes for your brand every month. Try them out and see what works the best for your brand.

Depending on your niche, some ways might work best for you while others might not work as expected.

But don’t lose patience and hope if you are unable to increase your Insta likes quickly as you always have the option to buy IG likes and get started with your business goals fast.