Employees are leaving companies in droves in what is now called The Great Resignation. This historic quitting spree, driven by a desire for higher wages and greater job flexibility, has neared an all-time high for the third straight month. In fact, 4 million people quit their jobs in April alone. According to the latest report by Bankrate approximately 55% of workers are expected to actively seek new jobs in the next 12 months. While corporate leaders should be thinking about why their best talent might be walking away – reasons include money, environment, validation and recognition – The Great Resignation is also opening doors for those who stick around.

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Because so many employees are dropping like flies, it’s actually never been easier to get promoted! Rather than quitting an existing job and joining the job search, those who show loyalty to their company are, in most cases, privy to new opportunities. Many employers prefer to hire within the company, rather than bring on a new team member who needs to be trained and isn’t familiar with the ins and outs of the company. The first step to getting noticed internally is taking note of what exactly the boss is looking for when it comes to promotions. Here’s a list of additional tips to get noticed and promoted during The Great Resignation.

Zanzibar Vermiglio is an author, corporate trainer, and the founder of Zanzibar Enterprises.

Don’t choke on excuses: Many people who are falling short in their jobs tend to make excuses for their actions or lack thereof. The current distributed workforce concept leaves people easy justification for being disconnected and not on track to being proactive. If that’s the case and negative chatter is happening around you (whether it’s on Zoom, at a nearby desk, in a group chat or via email) leave it alone. Don’t fall into the ‘excuse trap’ and don’t challenge those who are making the excuses either. It’s not worth the argument. Simply find ways to live beyond the hurdles that exist for producing results.

Just Ask: Having conversations with your employer to let them know you’re interested in moving up is very important. Be sure to strike up those meetings sooner rather than later. The hope is that you’ll be top of mind the second a position opens. Start the conversation with “I’d love the opportunity to…. How can I best make that happen?”

Find things that aren’t working: We’re not talking about the copy machine and this doesn’t mean being a pest in other departments. This pertains to systems and efficiency in the workplace. If you know that something isn’t getting done in a timely manner or if something is always slipping through the cracks, create a solution.

Make sure your boss is winning: Find out where your boss feels the company is falling short and let them know you’re looking for other things to do so you’re available to help them meet their goals. What would make your boss look good to the rest of the company? Maybe grab hold of that and make sure it happens.

Come up with a reporting mechanism: If almost nobody is doing a good job managing their staff, you can help your manager. The best way to do this is to create a report that measures your effectiveness and productivity. Most managers fail to create reporting mechanisms that allow them to see the effective progress of their teams, so do it for them. Then, there’s no denying you’re an absolute rock star.

Collect your work from home wins: Which projects have you completed on time? How many clients have you won? How much money have you saved the company? Track everything and make sure the right people are aware of your accomplishments.

Keep the idea of a promotion present in your mind: Make space for it. Strive to shine on a daily basis. Do not allow yourself to be pulled in the direction of mediocrity based on circumstance.

Be a team player: Building and maintaining relationships may seem a bit difficult while working remotely, but make sure to always participate in digital meetings. Stay in front of your colleagues and management. Look polished during those calls to stand out and chime in when the group is asked a question. Along with work Zoom calls, get involved with office activities that promote connectivity and collaboration.

All of the above bullet points are pointing in the direction of being rigorously on-task. Some of them are even about helping the environment around you become more purpose-oriented. Those who are at work to fulfill what really matters are indispensable. See if you can make yourself one of those people.


Author: Zanzibar Vermiglio is an author, executive business coach and the founder of Zanzibar Enterprises. After skipping college at age 18 to manage companies, he’s since led training programs for over 20,000 people in hundreds of businesses and doubled the size of over 100 companies by focusing on value proposition design and execution, sales planning and operation scalability which includes management architectures. Learn more by visiting zanzibarenterprises.com.