You may not be aware of it, but Arizona is a state of carpenters. The state has the highest number of carpenter businesses in the U.S., but that isn’t all; carpenters are also paid the highest wages in Arizona.

So if you are a carpenter living in Arizona, you chose a great state to live – but how can you make sure your business stands out against the competition? After all, it can be challenging to ensure growth in a competitive market, but it is possible if you know what to do.

Here are four tips to help you grow your carpentry business in Arizona.

Improve Your Services

One of the easiest ways to stand out is by improving your services. You can do this in a different ways; you can take a part-time course to learn new skills, you could hire staff with niche skills you don’t have, or you could upgrade your equipment so you can take on more jobs. For instance, you could buy an Overbeck machine so that it is easier for you to clean lathes.

Set Up Local Business Listings

Carpenters tend to rely on local customers to keep their business alive, so you should set up local business listings online if you haven’t already. This means that when people in your area look online for a carpenter, you are more likely to show up, which means more customers and more sales.

Start by registering with Google My Business, as this will help to push your website up the Google results search page. Once you have completed this, you should register with Yahoo Small Business Listings, City Search, Bing Places for Business, Yelp for Business and Yellow Pages. These backlinks will strengthen your website SEO, and it means you will connect with many more potential customers.

Add Local Backlinks

You can also backlink to other websites your customers may use. For instance, you could link to a local newspaper or radio station, and if you are lucky, they will link back to your website. This will give you even more local exposure – but it is essential to contact the website with an angle that will appeal to them; otherwise, it is unlikely they will link to you. So if you speak to a local newspaper, you could tell them about the recent charity work your business did, or if you contact a radio station, you could offer them a free interview.

It can also be useful to link to your local Chamber of Commerce.

Ask Customers For Reviews

Finally, you should ask customers to leave reviews about your business online. Lots of people only buy from new companies if the company has positive reviews, so this is an effective way to boost sales. Online reviews will also help to strengthen your website’s SEO, so your page is more likely to appear if people in the area search online for a carpenter. Even a bad review is useful, as it will help you to improve your service and products!