Seeing as your main tasks as a heating and ventilation engineer are installing and servicing heating and air conditioning, most of your work will come in the summer and winter months. In turn, that means fewer profits are generated during the spring and fall.

But that doesn’t mean you should just kick back and wait for summer or winter to come around again. By using your time wisely during the off-peak seasons, you can grow your HVAC business all year round.

Here are five important tips that you’ll want to consider taking on board.

1. Provide Preventative Maintenance

To grow your business all year round, you need to look at ways of generating a good income during slow periods. One of the best ways of keeping jobs coming in during the spring and fall is to provide preventative maintenance to the equipment that your existing customers have.

Make sure you explain to your clients how preventative maintenance can ensure equipment lasts longer and can, therefore, be more cost-effective in the long run. By providing this service, you can gain a steady income during off seasons and help your customers to save money.

2. Offer System Upgrades

Another way of generating income during the spring and fall is to offer customers system upgrades. Even if you only get a few customers for system upgrades, it will be worth it to get an additional revenue stream.

You might even like to offer discounts and special offers during the off seasons to drum up more demand for upgrades.

3. Contact Existing Customers That Look Like Hot Leads

In addition to contacting existing customers who could benefit from preventative maintenance and system upgrade services, look through your database to find leads who potentially require your services.

For example, you should keep a record of past customers who have mentioned that they have upcoming projects that require an HVAC engineer. You can then contact them to see if they’re ready to start their projects.

In fact, just by contacting them, some will be nudged into starting those projects they have been putting off.

4. Use High-Quality CRM Software to Deliver a Stellar Customer Experience

To ensure you have a database of customers that you can contact for things like the above, you need to be highly organized. If you’re still using paper, spreadsheets, or a variety of tools to keep client records, it is high time that you started using high-quality Customer Relationship Management software instead.

While many HVAC contractors still use a variety of solutions to manage interactions with their customers, without a holistic system in place to create a seamless and cohesive system, you could see workflow inefficiencies, poor communication with your customers, and lost revenue.

To avoid those pitfalls, simply use top-quality CRM software for HVAC. If you rely on old-fashioned methods, your business will struggle to compete and grow.

5. Market Your Business

During slow times, embrace the opportunity to spend time on your marketing. The number one way of growing a business is to continually promote it in the right way.

Things like leaflet drops and local newspaper ads may be best reserved for the summer and winter when people need your services the most. But all year round, you should look at ways to improve your online marketing.

For instance, you could revamp your website to drive more traffic to it by doing things like adopting UX and UI design methods and combining SEO and ads to enable online customers to find your company more easily. Including the right keywords in your content can also help your business to move up search engine results.

You should leverage the power of social media too. The more you regularly post content that is interesting on your social media channels, the more likes, shares, and followers you will gain. In turn, that can lead to more business growth.