Whether you’re working in a shared office or in a remote capacity, it’s important to adhere to a clean desk policy in order to keep your organization’s data safe. After all, the last thing you or your company wants to deal with is a data breach. And when you’re working from home, there’s a higher risk that the wrong people will get ahold of your data.

How do you enact a clean desk policy when you’re working from home? Read on to learn how!

A Clean Desk Policy Begins with a Guide

If you’re in charge of a team, it’s critical to set out some expectations for a policy. Know who will be working remotely, and what networks they’ll need to access — and for how long. Start by outlining expectations through a clean desk policy checklist for secure remote work.

Tell your employees to add an email signature disclaimer so that anyone receiving an email knows that the contents of work-related correspondence need to remain confidential. And caution your employees that failure to adhere to policies could result in losing access.

Make Sure Everyone Uses a Strong Password

Another one of your first orders of business should be to ensure that your workers are using strong passwords to join the company network. Passwords can be surprisingly easy to hack, so add this topic to your clean desk policy guidelines.

While there is disagreement among experts, a good rule of thumb is to change your password every 3 months. Aim for a mix of characters and letters, and avoid choosing obvious passwords like your street address or last name.

Only Use Secure VPN When Remote

As much fun as it might be to take your laptop to an outdoor patio at the local coffee shop and use their free Wi-Fi to work, don’t do it. Using public Wi-Fi means that your network is not secure.

Stick with using VPNs, which are far more secure. Think of a VPN as an encrypted barrier protecting your network and its data from outside access. You can safely join your company’s network from a remote location without fear that someone else is looking over your shoulder.

Keep Your Team Informed

You’ll have a better chance of successfully implementing a policy if you keep your team informed. Provide regular email updates and reminders so that everyone is aware of policy changes.

In addition, your employees will feel more confident participating in a clean desk policy if they know that their work has been backed up — especially if you’re trying to keep everything digitized. When power outages happen, plan ahead so that digital content is safe.

Build a Safe Workplace

Enacting a clean desk policy will keep your workplace safe, no matter where that may be. Make sure you’re on the same page with your company regarding clean desk policy guidelines and expectations. It’s in everyone’s best interest if you create a checklist and stick with it.

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