No matter what your budget is, there are ways to increase your sales and expand your business. But one of the most complicated aspects is learning the role of marketing and the process of increasing  product sales when your budget is tight.

Whatever the reasons, it can be a challenge to increase your revenue, keeping your investments in marketing and publicity under control.

Below are some tips on how to boost your business sales, even if you have a tight budget.

1. Create a Relationship With Your Current Customers

Your current customers are one of the best resources to increase your revenue. It is much easier to look for strategies on how to increase the sale of a product to a customer who already knows your work, its quality and is already used to using your products.

If you have build a good relationship with your clients, they’ll help you spread the word and also give you recommendations on what to improve. This reviews and recommendation can help you make the right decision and improve the quality of your products.

This approach allows you to continue to serve your customers, even to sell in times of crisis, in addition to increasing your revenue. Imagine that you sell sports products and your community customer ventures into a new sport, like football, for example. However, neither he nor his training companions are able to find purchased clothing and equipment.

2. Create Product Packages

If you resell cosmetics, for example, you can make kits with different products in the same line, such as: body moisturizer, face mask and hand cream. This package can be offered at a discount and sold as a good gift option, for example, to a friend, mother and wife.

Many small businesses have been successful in selling product packages, rather than making individual offers. Customers associate a package with the economy, which makes selling much easier for you.

If possible, try to keep your packages flexible; a potential customer can reject a package because they don’t use hand cream. Give an option to exchange for a lipstick, deodorant, facial cleansing gel.

In such cases, always keep in mind the cost of the product and your profit margin, otherwise you will sell, but you will not make a profit from the sale.

3. Offer a Limited Time Offer

Offering discounts is one of the most effective strategies when it comes to how to increase the sale of a product. Even offering a small discount can make your products more attractive to a customer.

Make sure to clearly define the parameters of the sale, including the start and end dates of the promotion, so that there is no confusion if the customer decides to continue shopping with you once the promotion ends.

4. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram are good tools to promote and publicize your products. You can increase awareness of your brand or product and draw customers to your store.

You can post reviews and testimonials from your already established customers and turn your  viewers to customers.