One of the most effective ways to convince undecided customers is through testimonials from satisfied customers. Studies show that customers tend to trust what people who have used the same product or service say about a brand even when they may not know them personally.

There are two main forms of customer testimonials; text-based and video-based testimonials, with the latter being the most effective option.

What makes video testimonials superior?

Text-based testimonials can be easily faked because it is hard for the customer to see the person behind the testimonials. However, with a video testimonial, the prospective customer can see the real person talking about their experience with a product or service, making them an authentic option.

Additionally, video testimonials communicate brand transparency because your audience interprets putting your videos out there as an invitation for close scrutinization.

In the modern days, collecting customer video testimonials doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Testimonial recording tools such as VocalVideo have made the process much easier because they eliminate the need to hire an expensive video testimonial service provider.

Five ways to leverage video testimonials

1. Make your testimonial videos relatable.

The effectiveness of your video testimonials will depend on how easily potential clients and customers can relate to the people giving the testimonials. Therefore, it is important to ask your subjects to address specific pain points that your potential customers wish to understand.

For example, you may have them talk about:

• The problem that brought them to seek your product or service

• Their fears or hesitations about using your service or produce

• What prompted them to use your product or service

• How interacting with your brand has transformed their lives or businesses

The more relatable your video testimonials are to your potential customer’s concerns, the more effective they will be.

2. Placing them right in the sales funnel

Video testimonials can be an excellent tool for conversions. However, knowing where to place them in the sales funnel can significantly affect their effectiveness. The strongest area of testimonials is closing sales not attracting potential leads.

In other words, a customer looking for testimonials has already decided about buying a product and only needs a little convincing.

For that reason, you do not want to place them early in the sales process because your other marketing content may overshadow them. Save them for last when the customer is almost at the decision-making stage.

3. Quantity increases credibility

People have been scammed in every way, and, understandably, some may be skeptical about anything sounding too good. With only a few testimonials, potential customers may assume you asked a few friends to record a good review of your brand.

To boost credibility, overwhelm your audience with many video testimonials. The more, the better. Yes, building a sizable library of video testimonials will take effort and time, but it is worth it.

4. Focus on quality

Never fall for the temptation of buying testimonials. Today’s customer is very smart and can tell authentic from fake, and you don’t want to identify as a fake.

Besides, getting video testimonials is not uncomplicated, thanks to technology. You do not require technical know-how or expensive equipment to do so; your customers can use their phones to take videos of themselves and forward them to you.

5. Place them strategically on your site.

When a  potential customer comes to your site, they may have already heard enough about you. They want to know you better, and a slight convincing will cause them to sign up and make a purchase. Placing video testimonials on your landing page can positively affect your conversion rate.

However, where you place them is important. The best place would be near your Call To Action button. By the time your prospective client gets to your CTA, they are almost convinced, and testimonials could be the only reason they need to make a purchase.

Additionally, embedding your testimonial video on your landing page ensures that your visitors stay longer on your site, which can positively impact your SEO.

Final thoughts

If you think of incorporating testimonials in your marketing strategy, video testimonials should be your main focus. However, there is no harm in adding text-based testimonials to complement your efforts.