Is your production line letting your business down? A poorly executed assembly line could be costing you more than you realise. With revenue dropping, disgruntled clients and stressed employees who spend more time waiting for machines to be repaired than assembling the end product, it’s hardly surprising that many OEMs are seeking efficient solutions.

Mistakes on the line, surplus inventory, rising costs, and stunted growth are all signs of an uneconomical production line. So, what can be done? Let’s explore how to maintain an efficient production line in 4 easy steps.

Make Sure Your BOM is Accurate

An efficient production line starts with the ordering of your component parts. Whether you need semi-conductors to complete a product or you need this part for your electronic device, your procurement team must be utilising an online BOM tool to ensure this comprehensive list of essential components is accurate from the outset. When your business processes are streamlined, the rest of the process will fall into place, and this starts by uploading your BOM to an online tool and sourcing your required components from high-quality suppliers.

The efficacy of a BOM tool, means you’ll be able to purchase your entire BOM with one click, interdepartmental communications are improved thanks to downloadable results and shareable order confirmations – you’ll have less wasted inventory diminishing in value and the right parts and quantities are ordered, giving your production line the foundation it needs to ensure a trajectory for success and accuracy. If your purchasing team is still comparing prices by hand and quantifying components via databases or paper files, then your entire production line could be in jeopardy. Switch to an online model now, to enhance the efficacy of your production line.

Improve (and Revisit) Training

Keeping your staff up to date with their training can ensure an efficient approach to their production line responsibilities and it allows them to highlight any concerns and other training opportunities they might need. If procedures have remained the same for a lengthy period, then revisiting training with refresher programs can ensure bad habits are eradicated and the entire process is being handled correctly from start to finish.

Keep Your Equipment Reliable

One of the biggest issues within production line efficiency is the malfunction of equipment and the associated downtime. If you’re trying to produce high-quality products, then your equipment needs to be reliable and up to standard. The loss of productivity is costing your business thousands, so keep your equipment well maintained or fully update your production line to ensure your equipment can keep up with demand.

Work With Reputable Equipment Suppliers

When you purchase new equipment, it’s important that you’re also purchasing strong after-sales service. Knowing that you can call upon a customer service team to have your machine repaired promptly – in the event of a malfunction – will save you time, money, and productivity.

Final Thoughts…

Strengthening your production line means less waste and more revenue, consider these steps above to make valuable changes to your manufacturing process.