Did you know that the average college student accumulates around $30,000 of debt by the time they graduate?

Higher education is important for pursuing a successful career, but getting weighed down with loans can cause a lot of stress. Taking the time to research how to make college more affordable for students can work wonders for trimming the expenses.

Do you want to know how to make college more affordable for your kids? Keep reading to learn 5 clever money-saving hacks.

1. Consider Community College for 2 Years

If you can’t afford college by following the traditional 4-year path, your child can still earn a Bachelor’s degree by going to community college for 2 years. During the first couple of years, your child will cover all of their general education courses that will count toward their degree at a fraction of the cost. After those 2 years are finished, they can apply to their dream schools and finish their degree there.

2. Explore Financial Aid Options

Figuring out how to make college tuition more affordable requires a lot of negotiating with financial institutions that can offer loans and other services. Some families choose to take out student loans, parent loans, co-signed loans, refinanced loans, or a combination of these choices. It’s best to explore all of your options and make the smartest move for your whole family.

Going to this page is a great place to start the process.

3. Apply to Commuter Schools

Another one of the easiest ways to afford college is to only apply to colleges where your child can commute. Ideally, your child would only have to travel half an hour to get to class, but some students are comfortable traveling over an hour to cut down on room and board expenses. Your child can even try to fit all of their classes into 2 or 3 days so they spend less time traveling each week.

4. Research College Credit Courses in High School

Even the most affordable colleges are too much for the average American family. This is why it’s helpful if your child takes advanced classes in high school that can qualify as college credits. With this headstart, your child may only have to go to college for 3 years or less, which cuts down the bill drastically.

5. Help Your Child Find a Flexible Job

School should always come first, but that doesn’t mean your child can’t work a few hours a week to start building their savings. On-campus jobs are ideal because they’re designed to accommodate students’ busy schedules, but there are plenty of other options. For example, your child can create their own schedule by working as a freelance transcriber, blogger, tutor, and more.

Now You Know How to Make College More Affordable

If you follow these 5 tips on how to make college more affordable, you can help your child get a great education without being buried in debt.

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