It might occur because you have to give a presentation about a new product on your work, or because you are still a student and have to present for an important deadline. Whatever the reason is, a lot of people get nervous before going ‘’on stage’’ to speak up in front of a lot of people, or a group. Which is quite logical, because people often tend to be afraid of failing, and what would be worse than failing for a group of people?  Are you also suffering from nervousness when you have to speak up for a big group? Luckily for you, there are a lot of supporting substances and other solutions that might reduce your nervousness and even give you a power boost! We will give you some tricks and tips for reducing stress and nervousness before you have to go on stage!

Sporting hour

It might sound cliché, but sporting before you must speak up in front of people will absolutely help you get rid of your nervousness. Sporting is the perfect way to shift your thoughts and to get ‘’out of your head’’. When you are in a nervous mood because your product’s presentation is the next day or you wake up stressed because within a few hours you will present your thesis, just go for some sports! Jogging or going to the gym is a great way to relieve some stress, but even an hour of walking will do it!

Read a book

Make sure you relax the evening before you will have to speak up. Give yourself some ‘’me-time’’; read a book, lighten a candle and give yourself some rest. When you wake up the next morning, you will find yourself in a relaxed place, fresh and healthy!

Pills, lotion or other substances

When aiming to find yourself in a more relaxed mood and reduce some nervosity, you might want to try taking some relaxation pills. In the drugstore you can find all natural-based pills to get yourself more relaxed. Also, lotions might help to get more rest, such as lavender oil for showering. Lastly, you could try to use CBD oil, which has a relaxing effect and therefore, you can reduce stress before going on stage! CBD oil can be bought in several stores, such as a drugstore but also online (for example on Candropharm).