What is the first thing that you do when you click a picture? Upload it on Instagram. What is the first thing you do when you come across something interesting? You upload a story on Instagram. Social Media has always been a big part of our life since it connects us to a whole new world, and this is what makes it a hub for many different prospects which can benefit people who are looking for a place to engage with more and more people.

Instagram is the largest platform for the popularity of your business if you are new in this field. Engagement with masses is easier and a click away if you keep up with the trends that are going around in social media. There are some tips which can be useful for you if you want to work to gain popularity and increase your foothold on the Instagram Platform.

1. Connect

Well, many companies think that Instagram is only a marketing tool through which they can promote their goods, which is wrong. It is a misconception. Well, Instagram does serve the purpose of promoting your business, but it is not just only what it is all about.

Remember that Instagram is a Social Platform which is used by millions of people every day to connect with the outside world. The marketers need to keep it in their minds that it is a social platform first and then, a marketing tool. You must connect with people for them to understand your brand.

Rather than trying to glorify your products, it is better to use natural and intriguing ways to gain the attention of the people and trying to keep them hooked on your page. You can try to create a perfect balance between the social propaganda of Instagram and your product. You can try to create a feed by making a balance between photos. You can try to depict the reliability of your product with the general public, how the product came to be and what it depicts. Creating meaning and an image behind the product works as a lubricant for people to relate to it.

You can show the behind- the- scene stories of how your products came to be in your stories so that people can learn more about it.

All these tricks can work as a good way to connect with the virtual world which doesn’t know about your product, but through Instagram, it is easier for them to relate to your product.

Never try to push it when it comes to buying your product. You can use the tricks of Instagram  marketing to provide lucky draws and discounts, but don’t try to persuade the people to buy it.

Be confident in your product profile and people who are interested in your product would respond, but, By pushing it you might push the potential buyers away from you.

2. Analyze

Well, Instagram does require you to research about the response that you are getting from the people. There are a few analytical tools which are in-built in the business account of the Instagram application. You must remember to use the business account for the brand to be more noticeable for the people.

The most common tool which is used for the Instagram Analytical study is the Insights. You can check the audience response through it and make changes in your Instagram strategy according to it. It provides you with all the data regarding the type of content which is getting the most response on your page, the age group of people who are showing interest in your products and how you can make changes in your posts to gain more responses from your audience.

3. Hashtags

The caption is not searchable on Instagram but the Hashtags are. Yes, this is one of the most common ways of gaining the attention of the audience to your Instagram account. When people click on a certain hashtag, they see all the related content to it. It is the best way to garner the attention of those people who don’t follow your account.

You can also try creating a branded hashtag of your business account. It will help you make a unique identity of your brand and would help promote your business or brand online.

It will represent your brand and encourage your followers to share photos that are fit for that image. It helps in creating a great source of user-generated content and promotes community among the people who encourage your brand. With compelling captions and intriguing stories, keep the audience entertained and interested in your brand. Create a visual aesthetic for the people to be interested in it and gain more attention by creating a certain image of your brand.

4. Routine

Establish your Brand Image and gain more regular responses from people by regular posts and stories. Maintain the schedule regularly. Many potential pages are trying to make business on Instagram so you must be active and regular for you to gain a foothold on Instagram. The Comment Section also serves as a medium for interaction with more and more people. Interact with Influencers and try getting them to work with you in collaboration. You can also collaborate with other brands which you think can bring in more response from people. Check for your competition and look into what they are doing to connect with people. You can organise online events, Q&A sessions and Lucky draws for creating a buzz among the people. Try to strike as much as possible and must also know when to pull up so that you can have people as your potential or regular customers rather than being offended and going away. Try not to push and prove that your product is worth their time and money.

5. Content

You need to focus on the content that you are uploading on your Instagram as well. The things that should be kept in your mind while you are uploading the content is that It should be consistent with the type of content that you are uploading on your Instagram. You should give a clear idea to the people about what your channel is about by uploading that photo. It should be balanced with the ideas of your product and the entertaining content for the audience. There are many other tools which can help you in learning new ways to garner attention. Some of the most common, yet entertaining stuff are the memes and the best way to attract attention are the stories. Now, if you are a fashion brand, you can use memes and stories as a way to convey something related to your field or brand.

All these tips can serve as a way for you to gain a firm hold on Instagram and play as an amazing tool of marketing for you.