February 27, 2021

Contributing writer

How to protect your property images with a watermark

Making the most of technological advances, today, a large number of consumers initially follow with an online search to learn what the market has to offer before investing in a business. Herein, potential buyers pay utmost importance to images or visuals to discover insights into a property. 

Concerning this, as a business, you’ll need to create an exclusive listing to attract customers that focuses on your quality services. This calls for including some great images/video highlighting all the special detailing of your property.

While you catch up with the required mandates, there’s this risk factor that somewhere lingers around your real estate business. And this is about getting your visuals stolen. Hence, unless you want to see your photos under a different listing portal or website, ensure securing them using the watermarking technique.

Why add a watermark to an image?

Watermark is any text, logo, or image that is marked on the photo as an identity of the concerned entity. Creating a watermark helps secure a photo’s originality, ensuring no other party uses it without your permission.

Besides this, watermarking also makes your brand more identifiable by advertising your services. Hereby, people can easily spot your brand, identifying your watermark while making a purchase. Now, that’s much of a smart strategy you can use to increase your customer base.

How to watermark your property images?

Now that you are well aware of how visually watermarking helps protect your images, the next is to get along the watermarking process. For this, various tools like Visual Watermark — an alternative for watermarking real-estate — can help you create a watermark.

Although you can watermark your images using any image editor, it is advisable to use apps particularly designed for watermarking. Specially built tools work by editing pictures in batch mode to save both your time and energy. Herein, the multicore processor allows you to watermark multiple photos simultaneously in a single session.

How to create a watermark?

Regardless of the type of watermark and the edits, the watermarking process streamlines with simple steps, including:

• Upload your photo by clicking on the import button.

• Go to edit photos and select any text or logo. Click on the text option to get a textbox to insert your watermark.

• Change the color of your selected text to white or any of your choice while adjusting its transparency and size.

• Make other edits concerning your desired format and press the process button.

• Export and save the watermarked photo.

You can customize your watermark as per your desired preferences. This means you can choose where to position it, the design, font type, and size. Meanwhile, you can also apply effects like stroke or shadow or perform additional edits like rename, auto-rotate, or add graphical frames to your photos. The appearance of your watermark entirely depends on your personal preference.

Things to consider while creating a watermark

A well-designed watermark can do a lot more than protecting the copyrights of your image. It can help build brand recognition, fetching you new business opportunities. While creating a watermark with Make Watermark is no hassle, being mindful of certain aspects can serve you with the best results. Here are some tips that you should follow up with:

• Decide what to include in your watermark: Be thoughtful about what you add to your watermark. While at it, avoid writing your name in Comic Sans or other fancy calligraphy fonts. You can rather use your website address or a copyright symbol that well complements your pictures.

Remember that your designed watermark will go with all your visuals. Hence, pick on some remarkable logo elements that best represent your brand.

• Pick on the right size: Select a size that isn’t too big to take away from your image or too small to be visible to the viewers. Choose a size that is neither over nor underwhelming and well fits your image.

• Be mindful of the placement: Although you can place the watermark anywhere on your image, some placement can drive the viewer’s focus off the actual image. And you’d not want the watermark to take away all the limelight.

Therefore, to present your photo as the most important piece, consider inserting your watermark the right way, at the right place.


Make sure to follow up with an appropriate process to watermark your images. While at it, remember that not all listing portals accept watermarked images. Hence, before submitting your listing to a portal, make sure to check the given policy concerning the practice of watermarking.