How to resize a PDF file fast

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If you want to have software that works on all platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and even on the cloud then you can use the Wondershare PDFelement which is helpful in pdf editing, conversion, annotation, and other functions. This is the really helpful when you have two different versions of the same PDF file and you need to compare these video files into two PDF files on Mac. Whether it be to find any mistakes or similarities you can easily get this job done by using the PDF editor for Mac. You may have to face a situation when you have to compress or convert PDF files in batches. We are here with super simple methods that will help you to compress the PDF files on on any device. this software will remove all your needs for any other special software or editing or compressing differently. You can approach it through a different technique and get this job done easily.

What is the need to resize the pdf file?

There are various Reasons why We need to compress PDF or resize a PDF file. The first and the basic reason for compressing the file is to just save the storage space. It may always happen to you that you do not have enough space in your device to store such a huge amount of PDFs. Therefore the Wondershare PDFelement Helps You to reduce the memory taken by PDF and save your storage space.

We are living in a world of technology which means receiving and sending information. The most commonly used method for doing so is by sending or receiving the PDF files or attachments but the factors that affect it all various and many of the sites have set a limit for doing so.  You may have faster downloads even when you have slow Internet Connections. The shareability also increases when you compress the PDF using online tools. It is very helpful in saving computer space and cloud storage. Computer memory can be really expensive and you can save space by having compressed PDFs.

It also gives you the convenience of sending different files into different formats. Being of a smaller size will reduce Obstacles during sending these files. The inconvenience of loading, editing, and using large files is also reduced once you start compressing the files. You may have gone through some pages that restrict the file size limit when submitting. To resize PDF files you can always use this software and again the perfect size to fit in that figure.

How to resize PDF file on PDFelement?

There are some simple steps about how to convert or resize PDF files on windows which is a simple technique using some steps.

Step 1. Open the PDF files

You simply have to start with opening up the fine and then You can either click on the open file button on the bottom middle corner or from the file and then option located on your file on your PC.

Step 2. Compress PDF

The second step is to just simply choose the quality you want to compress the file, and PDFelement will output the compressed document according to your needs. Moreover, PDFelement also supports batch compression of documents, which greatly improves efficiency.

Step 3 review the results

This is the basic step after completion of the compression of PDF files by using the Wondershare PDFelement. You can now see all your document and what are the differences that you have made it. You can easily spot the differences between these documents and ensure all the changes that are requested in them.

Pros and cons of PDFelement

Everything that has pros all over must have some cons to it. This is relevant in this case also. The best thing about the PDFelement is that you can easily operate it with the help of different platforms and it works functionally well there also. When you compress PDF then you can choose the high, medium, and low quality of your compressed file as for your choice.

It is also supportive of the timely sharing and saving to cloud documents after compression of it. This is the best feature of it since it allows it to share and also save it on the cloud documents. After the compression, it can even support editing and then conversion As for your wish. It is not like you could only have some changes in it with the actual format but it supports many more functions even after its compression. There are many more advantages also reducing the PDF file size but mentioned above are the essential reasons why you should always compress PDF files. It helps you in effective e-mail transmission, faster downloads, and saving your computer and cloud storage. It benefits your whole business as well as at the individual level also.

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