In today’s market, finding ways to connect to your customers and make an impact is a challenge. While advances in technology and communication have created new and exciting ways of accessing existing and potential customers, it’s also increased the level of communication that people receive on a daily bases. The modern consumer has more access to information than ever before. Something as simple as using Google allows customers to have access to information on a level that has never really been experienced.

This is why finding ways of communicating with your customers and potential customers that is meaningful, and impactful is so important. Standing out from the crowd and making your brand memorable isn’t impossible if you have the right tools. One of the most powerful tools for helping you accomplish this is mass text campaigns.

In fact, surveys have found that 9 out of 10 customers actually prefer to communicate with a business via mass text. This method of communication brings a lot to the table in terms of streamlining information, minimizing distraction, and honoring the customer’s time and attention.

The fact that a text message can be direct, to the point, and yet still personal has an appeal to customers that are constantly inundated with messaging and advertising. If you have been wondering what a mass text message is, or how easy it is to send one, here is everything you need to know.

What Exactly Is a Mass Text?

A mass texting service is a marketing tool that allows businesses to communicate directly with a customer in a personal, no-nonsense style. This allows for direct information to be sent that can be easily understood and even interacted with.

Mass Texting Without Confusion

One of the greatest benefits of mass texting is the lack of confusion it can bring to reaching a large population with a message. This style of communication is different from a group message that can quickly become confusing and overwhelming to the recipients.

In a group message, a single person will compile all the recipients into a thread and then send out a message. The disadvantage to this is that all responses are able to be viewed by the recipients. If you have ever been a part of a family group text message, you know how chaotic these threads can become. The more people that are in the thread typically indicate the higher level of confusion that will ensue once individuals start responding and interacting.

If you don’t pay careful attention to the progress of the communication, you can be lost in dozens of responses.

A group text messaging service allows you to send out a message to a mass amount of people but in an individualized and private way. This means that every person who receives this message will only interact with their text, and not be able to see or interact with others. This is what makes mass texting so appealing from a marketing standpoint because it gives direct information to the customer that’s easy to understand, and painless to interact with.

Sending a Mass Text

Another benefit of using a mass texting service is the ease and convenience of sending mass text messages. Using a broadcast page, a mass text message can be scheduled in advance. Because mass text message services, like TextSanity, also operate as a CRM all of the customer information is easily accessible. Creating a massive text campaign is as easy as selecting customers from your CRM and putting them on the list.

Once you have compiled your guest list who will receive the text message, thanks to the broadcast page, you can send it immediately or schedule it for the future. Not only that, but using a keyword campaign, you can automate responses through specific keywords that put the power in the hands of the customer.

For example, you can always give the customer the option to opt out of a mass text massage through the keyword, STOP. This automation means you don’t have to manually remove them, the keyword triggers this action automatically. Likewise, you can automate positive keywords, like the word, COOL, to receive a link that will take a customer to a coupon they can use on their next purchase.


The ease of access that mass texting services bring to marketing departments can’t be overstated. Being able to send direct messages with important information, and being able to automate responses through keyword campaigns, can bring an edge to your business’ marketing.

While mass texting is a powerful marketing tool, it can also be used for non-business-related reasons. For example, a nonprofit can use mass texting to alert volunteers for details regarding upcoming events. Mass texting is a service that can simplify communication in a meaningful and impactful way that can have great results, whether it’s in marketing or team communication.