Today, the fly ash bricks are used more and more for masonry structures. The fly ash bricks are made advance technology are higher in quality. As we know in some states of India the red clay bricks are banned. The fly ash bricks are the best alternative of red clay bricks.

There are many benefits of using fly ash bricks than the normal clay bricks. Main benefit of using the fly ash brick is it protects the environment and save the natural resources.

What are used to make fly ash bricks?

• Fly Ash

• Cement

• Sand

• Water

There are three processes used to make fly ash bricks.

1. Mixing Process

First the raw materials are fed to the hopper box and a conveyor belt take it to the pan. In the pan the cement and water is added and all the ingredients are mixed for around five minutes. There are skipper and roller in the pan to mix the raw materials efficiently. The mixing process is very important for fly ash bricks making.

2. Pressing

After mixing the conveyor belt took the raw material to the hopper. The PLC controls the amount of raw material fed into press machine. The raw material is fed into mold made with high grade EN31 material and it is pressed in fly ash brick making machine. This fly ash brick making machine can run both automatic and manual.

3. Curing

After pressing the brick, it is kept in chamber for 24 hours. After that the bricks are kept for 15 to 18 days where the bricks are water twice a day.

Now the fly ash bricks are ready.

How to start a fly ash brick-making business?

Fly ash brick making business requires land according to the production capacity of fly ash bricks machine. It will be anywhere from 20000 to 50000 square feet. The fly ash bricks making business require 15 to 20 labors for making 7000 to 20000 bricks in 8 hours. The fly ash brick making machine comes in various models and capacity as it can make 1,000 to 10,000 bricks per hour. The price of fly ash brick making machine starts from 13 lakh. This fly ash brick making business is a non-polluting green project. For starting this fly ash brick making business, you will get a subsidy from state government and is varies from state to state.

Now you will think that where to get Fly Ash?

In India, there are 72 percent of power plants are coal-based and they produce 40 million ton fly ash every year. The fly ash has CO2 as it emits from thermal power plant and other industries where coal is used as fuel.

The power plant makes 7 to 8 tons of fly ash for generating 1 MW of electricity.

The fly ash bricks are best way to utilize the fly ash as it creates environmental problems for air, water and land.

The greenhouse gases emissions are increasing more and more and Co2 is principle. There is total of 24,960 million tons of CO2 emission in 1990.

If we talk about India, the ninety million tons of carbon emission produce by cement industry and forty-nine tons from clay brick manufacturing. As per calculation for making one million bricks require 200 tons of coal and it emits 270 tons of CO2.

What are the advantages of Fly Ash Bricks over Clay Bricks?

The fly ash brick made with machine has zero emission and this manufacturing process is approved by Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

Disadvantage of Fly Ash Bricks

• The fly ash requires silos to store and fly ash manufacturing should be far from the resident areas.

• For continuous production, require uninterrupted supply of fly ash and for that you have to choose location near the power plant.

• Before starting the manufacturing, you have to ensure that from where you will get fly ash. So, you don’t have to buy it from black market.