Having an effective marketing campaign is a must for any business. Reaching the desired level of SEO (search engine optimization) will help your marketing efforts enormously. This is also true of social media marketing. The immense popularity of social media makes it an effective advertising tool. One particular benefit of this method is the ability to target specific audiences, which helps companies grow a client base more efficiently. Keep reading for a few ways you can achieve this on social media.


You won’t get anywhere in the business world without doing your due diligence. The internet marketing company Rank the Coast NYC says that SEO and social media marketing strategies go hand-in-hand, so using similar techniques is a smart strategy. One technique is figuring out where your company stands on social media. The first (and easiest) step is to check on your accounts. How many likes and shares are your posts getting? Who is subscribing to or following your account? If the site allows you to check the identity of your online fans, be sure to record the demographics. Any messages you’ve received should be read and answered if possible. The next step is less straightforward. If your company is big enough, there are probably conversations about it occurring without your knowledge. Online users will often neglect to tag you if your name is mentioned. This is where a social media listening tool comes in handy. You can be notified as to when your business is discussed at all times. The characteristics of the online users that enjoy or dislike your company can be provided too.


You don’t want to do immense amounts of research only to wing it while online. Be sure you have a thought-out strategy for your social media presence. First, figure out where you’ll create accounts. If you’re catering toward an older audience, Facebook is a must. However, you can probably skip Snapchat and Instagram. Here are some of the sites to consider:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn

After you’ve created accounts, think about what your content should be. What personality should your posts have? When should you be active? What types of media will you share? Take into account who you want to target. A younger audience will enjoy more casual posts and popular memes. The SEO agency Mimvi likes to create interactive posts, such as puzzles or quizzes. Try not to fall into the trap of overt demographic pandering, but make sure your potential customers would enjoy your content.


Once you’ve gathered enough funds for your social media marketing efforts, it’s time to start advertising. Paid ads may not always be a welcome sight, but they grab the attention of everyone online. Social media is used by millions of people each day, so placing an ad on one of these sites is bound to garner interest. Target audiences can be located effectively through paid advertisements. On most sites, you can ask for a certain demographic to receive your ad more than others. This will increase your likelihood of receiving the customers you’re looking for.

Social media can seem like a maze full of political statements and confusing jokes, but it’s become a cornerstone of business. Don’t focus on handing out flyers or making a spruced up website (although you should definitely do both). Explore what social media can provide for you and your marketing team. Consult employees with relevant experience that can get you acquainted with various sites and applications. If you follow these marketing strategies and do your research, your company will be one step closer to success.