The international financial losses being created by an epidemic of cybercrime have brought to light the need for better security measures at all levels. At the individual level, it’s incumbent on each and every person to do all they can to protect themselves from the criminals who are trying to gain access to financial and personal information.

For your part, there are two primary things you can do to protect your online identity. The first thing is to avoid opening unwanted emails. Phishing epidemics are at an all-time high. Once one of these phishing expeditions gets ahold of your personal information, you’ll find yourself in a rut that will drive you crazy while trying to dig out. Don’t open emails from parties with whom you are unfamiliar.

The second thing you need to do to protect your online identity is to build an impenetrable fortress that sits behind passwords that are impossible to guess. In this day and age, the challenge you will face in creating the best passwords is getting past some of your password-creation habits. NordPass can help you create generate strong and secure passwords.

Old Password Habits to Avoid

In the above section, mention was made about the problems related to creating passwords based on old habits. Here are some of those old habits you want to avoid:

• Don’t get personal with things like a child’s name

• Don’t use anything sequential (1-2-3, a-b-c)

• Don’t use common words

• Don’t create short passwords for convenience

• Don’t use the same password over and over

Why You Need a Reliable Password Management Solution

Online website operators are well-aware of the challenges their patrons face when trying to protect their online identities. It’s for this reason that web developers have upped the ante in terms of the password requirements they have put on users. That translates to you having to also be more diligent about the passwords you are creating.

The primary reason you need strong and secure passwords is because of the critical nature of the information you need to protect. As a reminder, here are some of the things you do online that warrant the highest level of security possible:

• Online banking transactions, including wire transfers

• Checking your credit rating

• Interacting with government agencies

• Purchasing consumer goods and services with debit/credit cards

• Submitting online applications for jobs and credit

If any information from these activities were to fall into the wrongs hand, you would find yourself vulnerable to devastating personal and financial problems.

How Password Generation Platform Works

Given how sophisticated criminals have become as it relates to cybercrime, it puts extra pressure on you to match their sophistication with the most intricate passwords possible. In some cases, a given website operator will force you to create strong and secure passwords. They do this for your protection as well as their protection against potential liability issues.

Instead of testing your creative limits by trying to create your own secure password, you can enlist the services of a password generator. There are quite a few terrific secure password management tools on the market that will help you create long and strong passwords that are impossible to guess and recreate.

What you will really like about this is how easy they make it is to create a password that helps you develop that impenetrable online fortress you need. H

Most of these password generators work quite similar – you only need to specify

• The number of characters you want or need included (as many as 12 are recommended for a high level of protection)

• Specific character requirements (numbers, characters (!@#$%^&), caps

• Positioning requirements for certain elements if applicable

• Some even offer automatic creation of the above.

After you provide the parameters, one click of a button will generate your unique and random password.

Remember, it’s very important that you avoid using the same password from one website to the next. Instead, you can optimize your protection by using a different generated password for each website login.

Of course, that will challenge you to remember all of your passwords. The good news is that any good password management platform will allow you to store your passwords by website for easy access.

In any case you should make sure that the generator you use offers the following features:;

• Ability to sync your stored passwords across all of your devices

• Link up with autofill and autosave features

• One-click updating and saving of all passwords

• Unlimited password storage

As the stakes get higher when protecting your online personal information, you need to up your password creation game. To take the pressure off you to be too creative, you can enlist the services of a reliable password generator and create strong and secure random passwords every time.