Using proxies may become your indisputable advantage in developing your marketing strategy. They allow for more opportunities to be closed for you without them, and if you use more complex solutions, – they provide additional benefits for your security, anonymity, and general performance. For these reasons, applying proxies may be advantageous for businesses that apply them for particular tasks and those specializing in online marketing. Want more detailed information about how helpful proxies for SEO agencies are? Discover below.

The best proxy features for SEO research

To conduct considerate SEO research, you need to discover many criteria, among which the main ones are the rates of users’ activities that happen on your website. They refer to the following:

• how many people leave your page without a single action;

• how many people visit your webpage randomly, meaning not due to ads;

• how many people visit your site thanks to advertising;

• how many of them find what they have searched for;

• how search engines show your pages according to the keywords;

• how search engines treat your backlinks.

Each measure has the appropriate name respectively. 

To conduct such an investigation with a clear distinguishing of territorial, ethnic, and other varieties, proxies are indispensable. They allow you to reveal all the needed information and emphasize the most significant pieces at a particular moment. As a result, you learn what you need in a smaller timeframe and with better productivity for other marketing areas.

Why SOAX proxies are among the best for business

SOAX proxies distinguish by a decent proxy quality and robust network connection, so working through these servers, you will improve your business rates – from particular periodical performance to overall business enhancement. 

It will become possible thanks to the SOAX features the company provides for its users:

• SEO-directed research reveals the needed data faster and with better organization. That’s why you can benefit from saving your time on data collection and sorting out.

• SOAX provides a flexible, user-friendly system that is adaptable to individual needs. That’s why you can customize the information display and benefit from the comfortable interface.

• You don’t need to spend too much time setting up – start, set, and use the research result. That’s another way SOAX saves your business hours. 

• Benefit from a substantial IP pool containing addresses from all over the world. It allows you to scale up your research limits and look forward to the future to plan your business growth.

• Don’t worry about any blocks and other measures set to prevent machine data collection. SOAX takes care of all those instead of you.

These advantages unload your work from the SEO monitoring view, but if you look closer, the company provides far more diverse and flexible solutions. For example, you can watch your competitors, observe currently developing trends, or work on social networks to raise your community involvement. SOAX provides full-pack services and remembers developing to provide an even better user experience. 

Proxyway recognized the company in their rates for 2021 and 2022, and they paid particular attention to how considerably the company develops. Trustpilot rates also show SOAX’s positions are close to the top tier. Finally, the company is a partner of the World Ethical Data Forum, which indicates the organization is constantly learning about data management. 

Proxies are among the best tools that help work with information in general and online data in particular. Many services exist that have proved their reliability through time, but SOAX is a fast-developing proxy provider that proves its capability to provide better services every day. Join SOAX and see the difference!