In a time where most consumers find information about and even purchase products and services online, successful companies must adapt their marketing strategies accordingly. This is not to say that the chalkboard propped up outside your shop will not attract the attention of some passersby, but you may need to give some consideration to your online presence. Namely, when interested parties look your product up on their favorite search engine, do they find a link to your site? How many links? Using search engine optimization and a team of strong writers and editors for hire, you can increase the number of visitors to your site, thereby lengthening your potential client list.

What Does Writing Have To Do With It?

Although it may seem like the world of writing has little to do with websites and search engine results, it is actually a fundamental part of SEO. Your company can use various kinds of writing to increase traffic to your site:

• Articles (both general and specific)

• Social media posts

• Meta descriptions

• Title tags

What makes this possible is the way search engines use the number of inbound and internal links to your site to determine its ranking among other URLs. By creating articles that link back to your site, whether they are located within your site or somewhere else, you can raise your ranking. Additional tags and descriptions help to clarify and accentuate your message.

What Kind of Content Should You Create?

All links are not made equal. While it may seem like a good idea to create a phony article that simply restates over and over again a keyword linking back to your site, search engines often penalize this sort of behavior. What’s more, consumers find it uninteresting and uncompelling. Writers and editors for hire who specialize in SEO writing can compose quality content that is useful to your potential clients. As you consider what specific types of content you would like to commission, remember that you are not limited to adding articles to your own site. Make full use of the external resources available to you:

• Social media

• Blogs

• Article directories

While some of the content used for your site’s SEO may specifically point out the benefits of your company’s product or service, much of your content will be more general. This allows you to reach a greater number of readers who are interested in something related to your company’s specialty.

How Can You Grab a Search Engine’s Attention?

For the average person, the operations of a search engine are mind-boggling. Robots are used to “crawl” through online material and then store what they judge as most useful. The information stored, or “indexed,” is then ranked based on relevance into the list you see when you type a phrase into a search engine. Because these robots are not as all-powerful as they may seem, it is essential to make your site as accessible as possible. External links, good web design and use of relevant keywords can all help these bots find their way to your pages.

Additionally, your site can use what are called text directives to help these robots determine which specific links within your site you want to be accessible and which you do not. You may also wish to check the index of a particular search engine to confirm whether it includes all of the links you wish it to.

Though the world of business and marketing has changed in many significant ways in recent years, the underlying principle remains the same: You offer a product or service that you want as many interested parties to know about as possible. Consider using writing to give your company the competitive edge it needs to succeed.