Many women in history have helped to improve female equality, from Christine de Pisan to Gloria Steinman.

While their actions have undoubtedly transformed women’s lives across the world, from securing the right to vote to closing the pay gap, there is still more to be done when it comes to female equality.

Yet, there are many empowering women out there who take control of their professional lives and rival men for salary, financial security, and achievements.

Find out how women are becoming more empowered – and are helping to empower others.

Adapting Dreams

In an article with Vogue Australia, Genevieve Rosen-Biller, the founder of Bed Threads, stated that she became more empowered by daring to dream a little differently.

The former journalist stated she once believed she would never steer away from writing and editing, and running an interior business never crossed her mind.

Yet, she learned that no-one is stuck in life, as all they must do is adjust their mindset. She adapted her dreams, which led to her launching and running a successful linen brand, and proved it is never too late to take a career leap.

The Promotion of Gender Equality

Many modern women are fierce advocates of gender equality, including actress Emma Watson.

When not appearing on the silver screen, Emma Watson, who is a UN Goodwill Ambassador, promotes gender equality and encourages both men and women to do the same.

As a result, she launched the HeForShe movement that promotes the advancement of gender equality, with the aim of men and boys supporting its goals around the world.

Becoming a Boss

Many women have decided there is no ceiling to their success and have taken steps to launch their own business.

If you’re ever unsure whether to follow your dreams and become your own boss, seek inspiration from the likes of Sheryl Sandberg, Arianna Huffington, Cath Kidston, and even Kylie Jenner.

Each woman has taken the steps to launch their own venture and inspired millions of women to follow in their footsteps as a result.

If the thought of launching a business is daunting, or it doesn’t match your career goals, other professionals could help you to take control of your career.

For example, you could become a self-employed graphic designer, a business consultant, or a freelance professional. You could even achieve your desired lifestyle by entering the adult industry.

Why work in the adult industry? You’ll earn a substantial amount of money, which can feel empowering, and you’ll have an opportunity to meet new people and set your own working hours.

The Removal of Stereotypes

Stereotypes have plagued women for years and prevented them from following their financial and career ambitions.

For example, many women might believe they don’t belong in the Army or shouldn’t take on a stereotypical male role, such as a mechanic, carpenter, or truck driver.

Yet, many women across the world are ignoring stereotypes and embracing a career that taps into their passion and goals.

Nicola Butcher is a prime example. Rather than allowing a stereotype to stand in her way, she launched The Female Carpentry Company and encourages other women to learn a construction trade.