Whether you want to onboard and train new hires or make sure current employees are up to date with the latest processes and technology, HR training management software is a tool you should consider implementing. Ensuring that employees are correctly trained is important to a company’s health. In fact, 40% of poorly trained employees will end up leaving a company within the first year. This leads to high turnover and low levels of satisfaction with work resulting in disengagement. In fact, $500 billion is lost each year due to this.

Fortunately, HR training management addresses this issue. It helps build quality employees from day one. Read on to learn more.

Organized Content

HR training management software stores all training materials in one place so that all employees and managers can access it at any time from any place. Most software utilizes a standardized filing system, which leads to fewer duplicate files. Gone are the days of having to sort through file after file or handbook after handbook in a physical library.

Personalized to Company Needs

HR management training software is a great tool for creating new training programs for employees — both those who are new to the company and those who just need to brush up on old skills and company policies.

The software allows companies to design courses, tests and assignments based on their employees’ individual needs. Some software even offers options for virtual classrooms, on-demand e-learning and mobile learning. These platforms allow employees to learn remotely at their own pace. Moreover, they give employees a sense of autonomy.

Additionally, companies can use HR training management software to keep track of their employees’ progress through certification tracking and management, as well as through advanced reporting analytics that show progress for teams and departments.

Effective Communication

86% of employees cite poor communication as a major concern in the workplace. The good news is that HR management training software can transform how employees communicate with one another. Specifically, it can improve productivity, lead to fewer misunderstandings, increase engagement and boost morale and satisfaction.

This is often done simply by implementing online training programs with discussion boards and private messaging systems. These systems make it easier for the employee to stay in contact with their training instructors.

Minimize Costs of Training

HR management training software grants you the ability to train more employees at a time while also reducing overall costs. Training software is always available and never goes offline. As a result, online training can be accessed as long as an employee has an internet connection, and the same material can be used to train everyone. This saves on time and money when it comes to setting up multiple training sessions in various locations and scheduling lecturers.

Invest in HR Training Management Software for Smoother Employee Training

While training new staff members and continuing education for current workers usually falls within the HR staff’s responsibility, HR training management software can help companies improve their processes greatly. It helps to streamline learning and development while also maintaining organization which saves time for HR departments and ensures training is being done in an efficient and productive way.

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