The Arizona chapter of the Hotel Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI-AZ) has partnered with KickCovid.US to help travelers coming to our area find out what hotels and restaurants are open, and what Covid safety measures they are taking.

What is KickCovid.US? is a free website (app is coming!) that is run 100% by volunteers.  You can go to the site, and with no login or tracking, look up any business to see what Covid precautions that business is taking.  T

Surendra Goel, creator of, shared “the vision of is to give people the information they need to safely go about their business, and to give businesses and other organizations a way to let customers know that they are ready to provide safe services to them.”

Holly Zoba, board member for HSMAI-AZ and marketing evangelist for stated, “we see this as a simple way that we can help make our guests and travelers feel more secure – give them better peace of mind.  They can go to the site, type in the name of the hotel or restaurant they want to visit and find out – are they open?  Are guests wearing masks?  Is there social distancing in place?  If they look it up and see the answer is yes, they will feel more comfortable going there.  And that is what we need to bring travelers back”

The website was officially launched mid-August and began with a small group of volunteers in Northern Virginia.  It is very much a grass roots movement, relying on crowdsourcing to populate the data.  Owners of businesses can verify the information, guests can add to the information, and share the hotel or business “cards” on their social channels to let others know the business is open and operating responsibly.

Lori Morris, current president of HSMAI-AZ said, “This seemed like a natural partnership.  As hotel sales and marketers, we want travelers back, and will give travelers the assurance that they can venture out, back to hotels, restaurants, and other venues with confidence.   Visit and see for yourself.”