Sophie Kwok, President IIDA ASU Chapter

Years in interior design: 3

Years in IIDA: 3

Q: Why did you get involved with IIDA?

A: I joined IIDA as a freshman in college.

Stephanie Kwok
Sophie Kwok

Q: How important to the success of your professional goal is your involvement with IIDA?

A: As a student, IIDA has been a great outlet for networking and meeting professionals in the industry. It has allowed me to get a better understanding of what to expect upon graduation. Like many have told me before, it really isn’t about what you know but who you know in the “real world.” IIDA is a great way to start building that bridge of meeting your future colleagues or boss.

Q: What activities do you enjoy most as an IIDA member?

A: I enjoy events such as Connect 4 and Couture because they are very rewarding events that allow us to give something back to the community.

Q: Was there an “aha moment” when you realized being in IIDA was invaluable?

A: Yes, when I realized how small the community was and that knowing one person really meant you knew 10. I sat at a table during the last PRIDE awards only to realize that the people there used to work with the lady who interviewed me for an internship in L.A.