Despite there being different laws to keep you safe and protected as a worker, sometimes it’s worth getting help to understand your rights and entitlements. There is no one better for the job than an employment solicitor – experts in the field of employment law. Solicitors are well trained legal bodies who are great in tailoring help for their clients to suit their needs. Continue reading for different situations where you may need the advice of an employment solicitor.

To look over your contract

Employment solicitors like are experts in understanding employment contracts. Your employer has a right to provide written terms regarding your role with the company. These terms should discuss your responsibilities, working hours, rate of pay and other benefits. Having an employment solicitor look over your contract for you is a great and safe way to begin your employment with a new employer. At times things can go wrong in any company, so by having a contract well set out, you’ll be well within your rights to act upon the conditions of your contract. This is also true if you lose your job for whatever reason; your employer will have to act upon the conditions set out.

Represent you in meetings

If you have sadly been dragged into an issue with work, no matter whether it’s your fault or not, you’ll have to maintain good contact with your employer’s HR department. Depending on the issue, you may have to attend meetings, write letters and be ready to talk to your employer. Where employment solicitors come into play here is to keep you in check and in line with your employment rights. Solicitors do a great job in guiding you if you run into an issue with your employer. They can represent you in meetings, deal with the administration side of communication, and provide extremely helpful advice regarding employment.

Filing a complaint against your employer

Employment solicitors are fantastic in ensuring your dignity and respect if you decide to file a complaint against your employer for whatever reason. They tend to put things into perspective and help you come to terms with the situation you would like fixed. Some situations you may raise a complaint can include wrongful termination, workplace harassment, discrimination and contract violations. Hiring an employment solicitor is also a great option for you if you’re not a member of a union. This way, a solicitor can protect your rights externally from the company.

If things aren’t looking right

Hiring an employment solicitor doesn’t only need to be the case if there is a prominent and current issue with another employee, your boss or your contract. If things aren’t looking right, or there appears to be an issue on the horizon that you may need help with, it’s useful to keep the friendly help and advice from an employment lawyer.

Know your rights at work and reach out to an employment solicitor if you need help.