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December 1, 2022

John Foster

Industrial forklift batteries: All you need to know about them

Forklifts are a crucial part of the business. It is heavy industrial equipment that can improve efficiency and productivity. Being industrial equipment, it is bound to be expensive. If a forklift is something that your business uses daily, you must have an in-depth understanding of it. This can help you to make informed decisions about the same. Confidently making a decision can also help the company to save money. Industrial Batteries form a crucial part of a forklift. It is what powers the forklift. Purchasing the batteries is an important decision as it can impact the productivity of the forklift. It is essential to get this decision right. With this pressure looming on the head, it is obvious that one needs to understand what the forklift battery is. We are here to tell you all about it.

What is a forklift battery made of?

A forklift battery has multiple individual hosting cells, battery bars and battery cables. With each cell being self-contained. The battery is made of multiple small batteries together. Each battery has a set of lead plates. These plates are filled with sulfuric acid. All the plates are packed together tightly. Each individual cell is connected using battery bars for completing the circuit. The amperage generated by the battery is carried by the battery cables.

Can a used forklift battery power a forklift efficiently?

Often, one considers buying a used forklift battery as it is cheaper compared to the new one. If purchasing a used battery is something you’ve been considering, it is not a bad thought. A used battery can easily power a forklift. Before a used battery is sold off by the local battery and material dealers, it undergoes multiple tests. Various maintenance processes need to be carried out before it can be sold in the market. Each battery goes through a restoration process. This process involves equalizing, cleaning and refilling the batteries. All these steps allow the battery to reach its optimum capacities.

Is it possible to rent a forklift battery and charger?

Renting is sometimes a great option. If that’s something that’s been on your mind, you can consider it. You can rent the charger and the battery separately or together, depending on your requirement. The rental cost depends on various factors like the specifications and weight of the battery and the charger blueprint.

Are there safety items that you should keep near a forklift battery?

For safety, certain items should be kept handy when working with a forklift battery. These items include baking soda, acid-neutralizing solution, proper eyewear, masks, gloves, liquid non-metallic containers and eyewash.

What is a forklift battery changer?

Battery changers are mechanical devices that carry out the safe removal and installation of forklift batteries. The charger can weigh anywhere between 800 pounds to 4000 pounds. The type of changer is determined by its weight. Some changes are moveable, so they come with wheels. Whereas the others operate through a powered equipment piece. The heaviest changers are fixed, when the battery needs to be changed, the forklift has to be driven there.

What is a battery water monitor?

A forklift battery has many different parts and the water monitor is one of them. The monitors allow you to check the water levels of the battery. When the water levels are low, it will alert you. This device is crucial for the battery’s health. It can prevent electrolyte boiling over which happens due to too much watering or permanent damage being caused because of infrequency watering. Whenever there is a spillover, it impacts the battery’s health severely. It can also cause permanent damage to the forklift.

Are there any hazards associated with forklift batteries?

When working with forklift batteries, one needs to be careful. It can lead to hydrogen gas fires and high-rate electric shock. If there is a sulfuric acid leak, it can cause burning of the eyes and skin. The heavy weight can also cause injuries.

What are some potential problems associated with second-hand batteries?

Though second-hand batteries undergo a thorough inspection and maintenance before being sold, there are issues which might arise. It includes severe paste shed, split gauntlets, plate sulphating and corrosion. Only sulfating can be addressed through restoration. When other problems arise, it is time to replace the battery.

How does one know that the battery is not in a good condition?

There are signs that you should look out for. It includes a bad egg smell, discolored electrolytes, post-growth and dished battery tops in one or more cells. When there is an issue with one cell, it can be replaced during regeneration. If the issues are present in many cells, it is time to consider a battery replacement.