Instagram growth services are a way to grow on Instagram organically. You hire a bunch of professionals to take care of Instagram promotion. If you are looking for the best Instagram growth service provider then this list might help you out. It lists different tools that provide Instagram growth service to its customers. These tools will also help you to gain followers on your Instagram account.

We hope you find the right one for your account.

Here is the list of best Instagram growth services:


Kicksta is a powerful growth tool for Instagram. Individuals who want to use Instagram as an online platform to grow their business or brand can greatly benefit from it. The company promises no fake followers or bots. You do not have to worry about spam or fake stats. Using Kicksta you can experience real growth. All the users and followers that you gain using Kicksta will be real. They will engage with your content. These users will only follow you because they have an interest in what you are promoting.

In general, when you buy followers from service providers you end up getting fake followers. Even if you get high-quality accounts to follow you there will be no engagement. Kicksta works differently. This growth tool will find profiles which are similar to yours. You can list your competitors and complementary brands in your niche. There’s a good chance that users who follow these accounts will like yours as well.  Once you add these accounts to Kicksta the auto engaging feature will kick in.

Kicksta will start engaging with people who follow these profiles. You don’t have to do anything Kicksta will like the posts of these profiles. So, the more accounts you add the more is the exposure. Since you are following and liking the content of these profiles they might end up doing the same or even follow you back. If your content is really good you can gain a bunch of followers.

There are two plans if you want to purchase the services of Kicksta. The standard plan costs $58 and provides moderate growth speed and allows 10 targets. Video onboarding is available as well. If you buy the premium plan it costs $99. You get all the benefits of the standard plan along with VIP email support, live chat support, advanced targeting, blacklist and 40 targets instead of 10.


The next tool on the list is for Instagram marketing as well as content planning. So, you can use it for Instagram growth as well as an automatic planner and scheduler. Combin is a tool with a bunch of features. The funda of Instagram growth tool of Combin is simple. First, you target a bunch of profiles in your niche. Then you engage with their content. This will make these users engage with your content and follow your profile. This Instagram marketing tool has a bunch of features which can help boost your presence on Instagram. One of the ways to improve stats on the platform is to directly buy them. But these stats will be from non-engaging users.

So, it is not real growth. But using Combin growth you can target audiences, analyze engagement and growth and also manage it. You can attract new followers and thus build a community for your brand. Some of the interesting features are growth and performance statistics, user analysis using ai, better search for searching good profiles to target, action automation, audience management etc. The other part of Combin is the Combin scheduler.

It helps you auto-publish your posts. Thus, you can plan and schedule your posts for a couple of weeks or more. So, even if you get busy with other stuff you will still be able to post regularly on time. You can use this tool to edit images, tag locations, mention accounts and hashtags etc. You can also upload stories in bulk. So, yeah this is a powerful tool.


If you are looking for a dedicated account manager then the next Instagram growth service can be an option. Using this tool you can gain more Instagram followers. What upleap does is very simple. It will connect you with an account manager whose job will be to engage with other Instagram users. This way you will grow your instagram likes, followers and gain more exposure.

You do not have to actively participate in this promotional stuff but rather focus on improving your product or business. The setup is easy. You have to follow a few steps and sign up to upleap. It will only take a few minutes. There are three plans viz. Lite, standard and premium each costing $39, $69, $99 per month respectively. Depending on which stage you are, choose a plan. Check out the website for more details.


Social Sensei is an Instagram marketing agency that works with top influencers and celebrities. They use their connections with celebrities and micro-influencers to get their clients thousands of followers every month. It takes over the promotion of your account. Everything is safe and credible. The strategy they use is quite effective as long as you deliver quality content. The company promises that if you don’t get followers then they will keep at it until you start gaining them.

There are three plans to choose from Sliver 3K, Gold 5K, and Platinum 10k. If you want a global audience base the prices for these are $299, $499, $999 per month respectively. And, If you want to go specific for example the only US or only Europe then the prices increase. If you want to gain around 20k to 100k followers you have to choose the enterprise plan. For this, you have to contact the company.


Ampfluence is a growth service that helps amplify the influence of your Instagram account. You won’t be gaining bots or fake followers. Everything will be real. It is a human-powered service that focuses on your Instagram growth. The company understands Instagram marketing. It knows that every niche is different. So, when you start working with them they will take some time to understand your brand, your niche, your audience, and your goal. This way they will be able to better target your audience by creating a strategy custom to your brand.

Next, the company will interact with target accounts via your account. If you keep delivering good content and product then together with the help from Ampfluence you will grow. There are three plans. The base plan is ‘Growth’ which costs $249 per month.  The other two plans cost $349 per month and $999 per month. Depending on your budget choose the viable option.


Instazood is an Instagram automation tool which you can use to automate various repetitive tasks. You can like, follow, comment, DM, view stories using Instazood. This reduces the effort you have to put in repetitive tasks. You can now focus on creating engaging content and on your brand. The company also has a TikTok bot. But since you want Instagram growth you will be using an Instagram bot.

Don’t worry about the name. You will get genuine followers who are interested in your brand or content. There will be no bots or fakes. The company also has a scheduler which you can use to schedule your posts ahead. The price for the Instagram bot is $11.99 per month. Auto Direct Message costs the same. The scheduler costs $7.99 per month.

The next Instagram growth service on the list is hashtagforlikes. This is a hashtag research tool which you can use to find out effective hashtags for your posts. Using trending and relevant hashtags can help you gain more exposure on Instagram. Using this tool you can get love Instagram stats, create campaigns and research hashtags. It also gives you a score based on hashtag difficulty.

This tool also allows you to analyze usernames. You can track your Instagram profile as well as analyze other profiles. You get benefits like Audience demographics, detection of fraud and brand affinity. There are two weekly plans costing $19 and $25 respectively. The monthly plans cost $59 and $89 respectively.

If you are having trouble finding the right influencer to promote your brand then this next tool can help you. Trendhero is a profile researching tool. You can use this to find out the right influencers and bloggers who will help you with your growth. This is a tool which you can use to see whether you should invest in a particular influencer or blogger. There are audit tools which tell you if the followers of these profiles are real and if they have a good engagement.

You do not have to pay influencers who have inflated accounts due to fake or bot followers. You can also analyze the quality of your followers. The company has over 60 million accounts in its database. They use more than 90 metrics to analyze accounts. The basic plan costs $9.99 per month. The other two plans cost $29.99 and $99.99 per month.

Instato is a company which will help you gain Instagram followers organically. In general, Instato is an automation tool. You define the hashtags, locations and profiles to follow. The tool then takes care of liking, following, commenting and relating content. This takes a huge load off your hand.

You can also use this tool as a scheduler and schedule your posts ahead so that you can maintain consistency and regularity in your posting. It also helps you plan. Once you start engaging with target profiles via your account you will start getting engagement back. You have to keep providing good content though. You get a three day free trial of the tool. There are three plans viz. personal, team and agency. It costs $29.95, $49.95 and $99.95 per month respectively.


It is time to take your Instagram to the next level with gramista. This is an Instagram growth service which will manage your Instagram account for you. Gramista will help you in getting real Instagram likes and followers organically. But these followers are not fake or gimmicks just there to make your account look pretty. These are people who have a genuine interest in your content or brand.

Gramista is also an automation tool. You can easily automate the task of interacting with other profiles and content while you focus on developing engaging content. There are 5 packages available. The base plan is valid for 1 day and costs $1.79. The maximum plan is for 90 days and costs $89.99. You can choose the most popular plan which is valid for 30 days and costs $39.99.

Trust social claims to provide real Instagram growth. It is one of the fastest ways to scale your Instagram account and monetize it. They claim that their growth strategy is very effective. Like most other growth services Trust social has three plans. The first one is for micro-influencers. It costs $97 per month. You get medium follower growth and engagement. The next plan is for people looking to become Influencers.

It costs $197 per month. You get high follower growth and engagement. Trust will add you to their database of influencers and thus their business partners can have an opportunity to collaborate with you. The last plan is for business or brands. It costs $347 per month. You get maximum follower gain and engagement.

Firing table suggests its potential audiences not to buy followers directly when you can grow your account organically. For a price of $29.95 per week, you get your Instagram account managed by the company. The company discusses its goals and target audiences. It then starts engaging with their profile and content. This lets you focus on your content and creating quality posts.

There is no limit to the growth you can achieve. The company claims to work 24/7 to ensure your growth on Instagram. There are three plans you can opt for. The first one we already mentioned. The other two packs cost $49.95 and $79.95 weekly. For the last plan, you get added features like sending DMs to new followers or commenting on other posts.


Stellationmedia claims to use the latest technologies like ai to drive Instagram growth. You do not have to buy fake followers or bots anymore. You can grow your account organically. The growth is completely targeted. This means you will get followers who genuinely like your content or brand. They will interact with your posts because they are interested in it. There are three plans available.

The mass story plan costs $99. You get mass voting, mass story viewing, mass DMs and various other features. The other packs cost $149 and $199. You get added features like live inbox, profile management, DM cleaner, auto repost story, auto followed accept etc. Head to the site for more details


Follow Adder is an organic growth tool for Instagram. You can put your Instagram follower gain on automation with this app. This app has multiple automated features. You get an auto-liker and an automatic DM sender. You can also schedule your posts and follow/unfollow profiles.

All the packs available are valid for 6 months. The starter pack costs $49.99 and you can manage 1 Instagram profile with it. The other packs just allow you to add more Instagram accounts to manage. One of the best things about this tool is that each package includes all the features.

How to grow on Instagram?

In this guide section, we will be discussing both how to achieve overall growth on Instagram as well as how to improve your Instagram profile i.e. make it look more professional and attractive. Though both are related and have similar strategies we have divided them into two topics so if you are looking just for profile improvement check out the next topic which discusses how to improve your Instagram profile.

In this topic, we will talk about achieving overall growth. There are a bunch of ways you can go about it but we will focus on a few important ones so that you can get an idea about what it entails. Then you can tweak these to fit your strategy and customize them.

High-quality media

Yes, this is the most obvious one but still, we have to include it. This is because this is probably one of the most important aspects that will help you grow on Instagram. The quality of your images and videos tell people how serious you are and the effort you put in. If your images are not of high quality and your videos are grainy or shaky then people will lose interest.

You have to understand that even though Instagram has evolved into something big at its core it is still a media sharing platform. People want to share video and images of their trips, night-outs, vacations, everyday life etc. So, the optimization of the platform is such that the images and videos will look great. So, if you post high-quality content it will look better and will increase the engagement on your posts and you might gain followers as well.

Learn To Use Analytics Tools

If you are serious about boosting your presence on Instagram and grow your brand then you have to get technical. Celebrities already have their talent and skill and huge following outside of social media. So, if they join a platform they will get millions of followers in an instant. But for people who are just starting, they have to be quite strategic. You have to put in intelligent hard work to ensure growth.

You have to learn how to use Analytics and research tools to your advantage. Before you start posting randomly you have to research your niche. Find out your competitors and analyze their content and follower base. Then tailor your content to attract users from your niche. Once your content is up and running you have to monitor the engagement. You need to learn how your followers are reacting to your various posts.

Which type of post is giving the maximum engagement and which posts are giving more exposure. This way you can become better and keep improving your strategy. The better you are at analyzing and acting accordingly the more growth you will experience.

Entertaining and Creative Content

Yes, high-quality image and video are important but if it is not entertaining or creative enough people will lose interest in your profile and soon you will start losing the amount of engagement on your posts. Now, you cannot start posting random stuff either just because they are entertaining. You need to understand your goal and then align your content accordingly. It is better to understand this with an easy example.

Let’s say you own vacation rentals. You are looking to create buzz around your business. So, besides pairing pictures of your vacation rental you can post the picture of the location. People love images with beautiful architecture or scenery. It makes them want to go to that place. Of course, only a small percentage of them have the means to go. But many will instinctively like and comment on the post.

This will make your post popular and give it more exposure. Thus, you might be able to reach potential customers as well. But along with these posts you have to post good pictures of your villa or bungalow. There are a bunch of different formats in which you can post on Instagram. Choose the ones best for your posts. You can upload images, videos or even stories. Nowadays, Instagram reels is catching up as well. So, analyze and find out which is/are working out for you.

Learn the Usage of Hashtags

There are two main factors to Instagram growth. Keeping your current followers and making sure they keep engaging with their content is one. The other factor is to gain more exposure to be able to attract new followers. Using hashtags in your posts properly can help you gain much better exposure. A lot of users follow different hashtags regularly or use particular hashtags on their posts.

When they go to the explore tab they see content which they generally browse and the hashtags that they follow. So, if you use hashtags which are popular with users in your niche then you may be able to reach them. For example, if you sell custom pieces of jewellery then you have to go specific and put hashtags fit your product compactly. You have to use popular hashtags as well to reach a wider audience but the chances of a niche audience becoming your follower or engaging with your content are higher.

So, you can always use fashion or jewellery as hashtags but if you include gothic, medieval, fantasy as hashtags, depending on their relevance with your product then you might be able to reach a niche audience who are looking for gothic style jeweller or some other type.

Follower Interaction

One of the best ways to keep your followers engaged and making them loyal is to interact with them. You should like and reply to their comments. Sometimes if possible you should check out their posts and engage with it. You can use the best Instagram growth service provider for this.

There are a bunch of auto-liking tools as well. Another way to interact with your followers is to ask them to share their posts relevant to you. This way you can always rely on them to provide you with interesting ideas to post as well as them feeling acknowledged. Let’s take our jewellery example. You can encourage your buyers to send you images of them wearing your product or share them on Instagram. You can use these images and post them on your feed. Another way to engage with your followers is to do giveaways.

Giveaways give your followers a chance to win something amazing. You can ask them to like your post and comment a particular phrase on it. Encourage them to share it on their feed as well. This way you can rack up more likes and comments while giving back something to your followers.

How to improve your Instagram profile?

Now, it is time to discuss how you can improve your Instagram profile so that it looks professional. The appearance and detailing of your profile should be relevant to your brand and should attract people. It is very important to optimize your Instagram account.

This way your marketing or promotional strategy will be more efficient and effective. We touch on a few points which can give you some sort of idea about what to do. We hope to get you in the right direction.

Business account

The first thing that you should do immediately is to change your Instagram account to a business account. If you want to improve your Instagram profile this is an important step. Having an Instagram business account gives you access to a variety of analysis tools which you can use to fine-tune your strategy and tailor your posts accordingly. Also, you will be able to use Instagram ads and related features once you change your account to your business account. We will suggest creating a new account if your current account is acting both as a business as well as a personal one.

You have to keep the accounts separate unless there is some strategy you are trying out which requires you to do that. If you already have a lot of followers then you should just convert your account to a business account to preserve your audiences. Also, the best part is that it is completely free. You can add a contact button via which interested customers can reach you directly. You can use this button to get an email, SMS or a call.

Focus on Creating Your Bio

One thing that a lot of people don’t do well in creating a concise bio which has all the details. You have to focus on improving the appearance of your bio. It needs to be attractive as well as useful. It should tell people about you or your brand and deliver a clear message of how your product can be helpful to them. This is because to be able to find out about you people will be going through your bio. Of course, you cannot put all the information in there.

You have put it on your website. But to ensure that people visit your website you have to make sure that the detail you give in your bio is informative as well as engaging enough for them to be interested in your brand or product. Try to keep the tone fresh and interactive. Do not appear salesy.

People will often use social media to click on e-commerce links and buy stuff but they do not want you to blatantly sell them anything. Put a link to your website. Ensure that it is a sort of tracking link so that you can have a system in place to measure the inflow of website traffic from Instagram.

Profile Pic

This is an obvious point but we will still mention it because it is important. Your business account page should have the company logo or name as the display pic of the account. It is much better to put a logo than a name. This is because it is easier to remember an image and also since Instagram is a visual platform. People will relate your brand to your logo much more easily.

Optimize Your Images

It is time to start thinking about images in terms of Instagram. Whenever you decide to make an image post for Instagram make sure your image is optimised for it. It means that, remember the dimensions that Instagram provides for an image. Make sure that your image follows it. Ensure that the main part of your image is not cropped by Instagram. Also, start putting watermarks on your original content.

The images which you took and uploaded on Instagram should have your brand watermark. Other than copyright issues it helps put the image of your brand in your audiences’ mind. They will be mostly interacting with your posts so if they keep seeing your watermark then they will more easily remember your brand.