In recent years, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media networks in the world. While the company was founded in October 2010, it was acquired by Facebook in April 2012. Today, the network is used by some of the hottest celebrities around the world and leading influencers. Anyone who wishes to run a business or become an influencer must find out how to use Instagram to the fullest.

Below, readers will discover tips for using Instagram professionally.

Find The Right Content

As an Instagram user, it is often essential to piggyback off other users. When someone creates a viral post, it is essential to comment on that post to get attention. Therefore, users need to learn how to find suitable content. The explore function is the easiest way to find the best content at any given time. Typically, the user just needs to touch the magnifying glass to use this feature.

Then, Instagram will show the user hot posts based on their browsing preferences.

Using Relevant Hashtags

Whether the user is on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, they need to find out how to use the latest hashtags. It is vital to understand that no hashtag is going to work every time. It is also essential to avoid using expired hashtags. Before posting anything on Instagram, spend time looking at popular hashtags. Then, these phrases can be incorporated into the post to reach more people.

Plus, this allows the user to reach a relevant audience.

Don’t Overdo It

Once someone has started gaining traction on Instagram, they’re likely going to push themselves to their limits. They’ll stay up too late to post more content. Unfortunately, this will lead to problems for the user and their followers. Instead, they need to moderate their Instagram usage to protect their physical and mental health. They’ll also want to avoid overdoing it because they’ll lose followers if they post too frequently.

Consider Hiding Like Count

It may be a good idea to hide the like count on posts and images. If viewers can’t see the like count, they may be more likely to like the photo in question. Do you need to try to hide your likes? Typically, the user will have to do this for every Instagram post. Find the post in question. Then, you must click on the three dots in the corner. From there, you can choose the option to hide your like count for that post.

Hiding likes can be helpful because it’ll protect your mental health and encourage others to like your posts.

Using Video Content

Text and picture content is great, but it is also important to use short-form video content to reach followers. It has been proven many times that people are more inclined to watch a short video instead of reading text. If someone wants to become an Instagram influencer, they need to find out how to use video content effectively.

Make a quick video about updates and things you’re doing in your life. People will be interested in watching the videos to see what is going on.