If you or a loved one is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction or a dual diagnosis,  you are probably aware of the numerous treatment options available. From inpatient to outpatient, to somewhere in between, there are several levels of care when it comes to addiction recovery, and choosing the right level of care for your needs can often be a challenge.

A Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a level of mental health and addiction treatment where individuals spend 3-5 days per week at the addiction treatment center to develop skills needed for long-term sobriety and wellness. While this level of care is the perfect balance between flexibility and rigorous rehab, it is not for everyone. Consider the following to determine if a Partial Hospitalization Program in Delray Beach is right for you.

Medically stable

Since individuals who participate in a PHP will return home at night and spend a significant time without the oversight of medical personnel, those in this program must be medically stable. Individuals who are still going through withdrawal symptoms, or are on a new medication that requires monitoring are not good candidates for PHP.

Not at Risk for Relapse

A benefit of a Partial Hospitalization Program is the opportunity to return home each night. However, for those who are at a risk for relapse, this time at home without supervision can prove triggering. Harmony Outpatient Center in Delray Beach notes that some individuals heal better in an environment with increased familiarity, such as returning home to sleep at night. Their successful Partial Hospitalization Program has shown that if you are not at risk for relapse, and spending the night in an inpatient facility is the cause of anxiety, then Partial Hospitalization could be an ideal solution.

Challenges Interacting at Work or School

Addiction can wreak havoc on many aspects of our personal lives: from work to school, to intimate relationships. Partial Hospitalization Programs are excellent solutions for individuals who are not at risk for relapse but need additional support before they are fully integrated into day-to-day responsibilities and activities.

A Supportive Home Environment

Those who are undergoing treatment through a PHP require a safe and supportive home environment. While those enrolled in this type of program are stable, they are still in recovery! This means a safe home environment is necessary to ensure participants are not tempted by substances and will have loved ones who support them as they take this journey. Those who do not have a supportive home environment should consider inpatient facilities while they develop a strategy for long-term sobriety.

Getting Help from a Partial Hospitalization Program Near Delray Beach

If you feel that you or a loved one can benefit from a Partial Hospitalization Program, contact a trusted program, such as Harmony Outpatient Center, today. We encourage any individual who is looking to start the Partial Hospitalization Program to ask questions surrounding the program, including:

• Addiction specialists that are involved in the therapeutic process

• The average amount of time an individual spends in PHP and

• Who makes a good candidate for their PHP program

For the right person, a Partial Hospitalization Program could be the key to sustainable sobriety and a bright and sober future.