When youre trying to choose the right kind of education for your child, there are a lot of options out there. Boarding school is possibly one of the most divisive! Some people think that its a great option for children, while others think that its unfair to separate children from their families.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons to get a better idea of whether or not boarding school is good for children.

The Pros

The biggest advantage to boarding school education is the sense of community that it affords pupils. Living in close proximity with other children fosters a sense of connection and being part of a team that its hard to achieve in any other way. By being around other children for so much of the time, your child will develop excellent interpersonal skills, and learn how to do things like compromise and work together.

Its also possible for boarding schools to take a truly holistic approach to education by having an influence not just on their academic life, but on what hobbies and activities are available outside of the classroom. Many children at boarding school take part in sports and other activities that help them to become more rounded, gain a better sense of self and become more confident. All of this helps with their education.

Teaching staff are much more available at boarding schools, which means that pupils can take advantage of things like mentoring programs to complement their education and help them to build specific skills. Mentoring is helpful because it allows education to be specifically tailored to the needs of the individual, and works with blockers and problems that they may be having.

Finally, boarding school offers children a great sense of independence while still ensuring that they are safe and being watched over. The feeling of independence is great for boosting confidence, and it also helps children to develop a stronger sense of self. These things will serve them well in the future, both in employment and in wider life.

The Cons

One of the worries that a lot of parents have about boarding school is homesickness. If your child becomes homesick while at school its important that you talk to school staff about it. Homesickness is short-lived for some children, and will ease as the child begins to take part in new routines and forge bonds with their classmates and teachers. For others, homesickness might be something that means the boarding school experience isnt going to be right for them.

Some parents also worry about the lack of separation between school and leisure, worrying that their child may work too hard. This is something that you can mitigate when choosing your school, by ensuring that you choose a school that values the whole child and not just academic achievement.

Final thoughts

Boarding school offers a lot of benefits, but there are also some downsides. What the impacts of these are, is mostly down to the personality and temperament of the child, and the ethos of the school.

Choosing a school which fits well with the needs of your child should mean that boarding school is a positive experience for a lot of children, however, for some it may be better to stay at home for their education.