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January 15, 2018

Will Everett

Javelina launches online class to help you run a winning political campaign

Have you ever wanted to run for political office, but figured you couldn’t because you never had the expertise, time or money? Well, thanks to a program from the Phoenix-based political firm Javelina, you can learn the basics of running for any type of political office in just six-weeks. 

“If Not Now” is an online learning experience designed to teach people who are motivated to embark on a political career the keys to becoming an elected official. Throughout the six weeks, aspiring politicians will learn classic campaign tactics that have been condensed into modules.  

Examples include “Campaign planning,” “Building a team,” “Campaign message and marketing,” “Budgeting” and much more. 

Javelina CEO Catharine Alonzo had the idea for the program after the 2016 election. 

In a statement Alonzo mentioned, “Now more than ever, we need energetic candidates from outside of traditional political circles to run for office.”  

Javelina was founded in 2012 by Alonzo, Bill Scheel and David Waid to ensure equality through political, economic and social change. Javelina labels itself as a “change engineering company.” Its clients include nonprofits, initiatives, businesses and politicians. 

Javelina has over 10-plus years of political consulting experience. The company has helped the campaigns of Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell.  

The world of political consulting can be filled with insiders, which creates a barrier that keeps many who would be great for office from running a campaign, Javelina states. 

“Most people simply don’t have the access,” Alonzo said, “the goal is to help people run a successful campaign, and then help them continue to be successful in future campaigns.” 

The CEO is confident that the program will encourage people to overlook traditional programs because “If Not Now” is strictly online and less expensive.  

Enrollment is currently open for the first class of “If Not Now” which begins January 25, 2018. “If Not Now” is available for $249.