Recognizing the need to provide integrated healthcare in the East Valley, Jewish Family & Children’s Service (JFCS) has expanded with the opening of the JFCS East Valley Healthcare Center, located at 880 N. Colorado Street in Gilbert. 

By relocating its behavioral health services from Mesa to the new 30,000-square-foot Gilbert location, JFCS now offers behavioral health and primary medical care services in one location, providing the most effective approach to caring for people with multiple healthcare needs.

“The work we do at JFCS is more important now than ever,” said Robert Ouimette, co-director of the JFCS East Valley Healthcare Center. “The impact of COVID-19 certainly threw us a curveball, but JFCS remains steadfast in its commitment to continuing all care services as well as health and family programs that are so important to our community.” 

As an agency that works with vulnerable populations who are most at-risk, JFCS reviewed and adapted programs and alternative strategies to continue serving those who depend on its services.

The new JFCS East Valley Healthcare Center opened in January 2020 and offers primary care services that include physicals, wellness exams and immunizations, as well as behavioral care services that includes individual and group therapy. Featuring state-of-the art equipment and an enhanced large play therapy area, the healthcare center is serving new and existing clients and their families. 

In addition to offering comprehensive services onsite and via telehealth appointments, JFCS has a community-based team including therapists, clinicians, child case managers, youth and family specialists, and family support partners that support clients in providing wellness and treatment services. 

“Our new site is perfect for serving the needs of foster youth who require regularly scheduled medical and behavioral check-ups,” said co-director Jean Kerr. “Group home kids tend to move around a lot. Offering one dedicated place for all their medical needs means we can get to know them on a whole new level.” 

For Valley residents that are a part of the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), JFCS’ plan to offer integrated care means these individuals will have the same access to quality care as individuals on the most comprehensive health care plans. Financial access to care, transportation and gaps in knowledge about how to properly care for themselves are no longer a barrier to quality care. Combining primary and behavioral care means a well-rounded, effective approach to treating the whole person, regardless of social or economic circumstances. 

“We’re excited for our care teams to become pillars in Gilbert and the surrounding communities,” added Kerr. “The new location is just what we needed to fulfill our mission of providing the highest quality of care to everyone.”

According to JFCS’ Vice President of Integrated Health, Mary Jo Whitfield, the new JFCS East Valley Healthcare Center strengthens the community by providing a one-stop location for much-needed integrated services.

“It is amazing what faith and commitment can build,” said Whitfield. “We couldn’t have reached our goal without the amazing people that support our mission.” 

Major funding for the JFCS East Valley Healthcare Center expansion was provided by Valerie and Herschel Richter, Thunderbirds Charities, The Rosenbluth Family Charitable Foundation, and The Kemper and Ethel Marley Foundation.