We all know the gig economy is booming. Thirty-four percent of Americans worked three years ago, and by 2018, 57 million people (40 percent of the U.S. workforce) decided to cash in on thriving short-term gigs.

But, let’s be clear: the gig economy isn’t only about Uber drivers. That segment alone doesn’t make up the boom. Smartphone apps dedicated to connecting people with immediate, and sometimes bizarre, requests filled a need. Want someone to charge your scooter for you while you’re away? No problem. Need a parking space in a crowded city? There are plenty of people out there to rent you one. Need someone to watch your elderly relative? You guessed it – there’s someone who can do that for you in a pinch. Gig employment has never been more in demand.

So,which jobs have gotten the biggest boost from the gig economy? The researchers and writers at FitSmallBusiness.com,the digital business publication, set out to find the answers. You can find these hot jobs HERE:

15 Hot Jobs That Caught Fire with the Gig Economy

1)  Amazon Package Delivery – $18$25 per hour
2)  Dog Sitting – $30 per day, per dog
3)  Personal Car Rental – $20$80 per day, on average
4)  Electric Scooter Charging – $10 per scooter
5)  Moving Assistance – up to $30 per hour
6)  Handyman Services – up to $45 per hour
7)  Parking Space Rental – $5$25 per day
8)  Tech Support – $30$90 per day
9)  Elder Care Companion – $15$25 per hour
10)  Online Course Creation – $1,000 per month
11)  Online ESL Instruction – $15$25 per hour
12)  Laundry Services – $15 per hour
13)  House Cleaning – $10$25 per hour
14)  Dinner Hosting – $100-$1,000+ per dinner 
15)  Vacation Experience Guide – $20$120 per person, per gig

“The gig economy has changed the way we work,” says Eric Noe, Editor-in-Chief, FitSmallBusiness.com. “A growing segment of the American workforce is building careers and incomes by piecing together multiple task-related jobs that barely existed a decade ago.”