When you’re looking for a job, you’ll no doubt have an idea of the kind of role, location, and maybe even the minimum salary you’d settle for. However, there’s more to a job than the money you earn, and although salary is important, there are other benefits that can also make your life better and be worth a lot. Here are some benefits to look out for when you’re searching for your next role.

1. Health insurance

Millions of Americans don’t have health insurance, and not being covered can be financially disastrous if you have an accident or get diagnosed with an illness. Look for companies that offer non-ACA-health-insurance or some other sort of cover, especially if you get cover for your family or extras such as dental, as these can be big expenses.

Disability insurance is also good to have, so if you get injured on the job or get a serious illness, you have an income for a certain period of time.

2. 401Ks or other retirement plans

Around half of Americans over 55 have nothing saved for retirement, with many of them also having no defined benefit plan or anything else to support them in later life. This means they’ll either have to delay their retirement or rely on social security, both of which are difficult choices. If you need to save for retirement, it’s worth looking for jobs that offer a retirement plan such as a 401K,

3. Time off

The average American gets about ten days of paid time off (PTO), but this number doesn’t include things like sick days or personal days. Unfortunately, the USA trails behind many other countries when it comes to time off, and a quarter of Americans don’t get any paid vacation at all. Employees who take time off show increased productivity and happiness, so if a company offers decent PTO, you’re more likely to enjoy the working culture.

4. Health and wellness benefits

Staying fit and healthy isn’t always easy, but you’re more likely to lead a healthy lifestyle if your employer offers benefits to encourage you to stay well. From gym memberships to free yoga sessions, flu shots or appointments with wellness coaches, many businesses know that it makes sense to encourage employees to be healthy, as they take fewer sick days. With the average gym membership costing $58 a month, you could save hundreds each year if your company pays the bill.

5. Education and training

Getting an education can be a costly business, especially going to college, so it’s worth seeing if a role you’re interested in offers any kind of tuition assistance. Whether you dropped out of college and want to get back on track or have always wanted to get a postgrad qualification in your spare time, tuition assistance can be an excellent way to reach your goals. However, you should check the requirements for getting assistance, such as how long you’ll need to stay at the company after you graduate. If you leave soon after getting your qualification, you may find yourself needing to pay some of it back.

Employee benefits go far beyond free beers on Friday or staff discounts. Choose a company that offers a good benefits package, and you might end up saving thousands a year.