Working from home is a dream for many people. Arizona has some pretty bad traffic, especially around Phoenix which is one of the 100 worst cities for congestion, and most of us would love to avoid the daily commute. There’s a misconception that work from home jobs are low level and badly paid, so some people are worried that they may have to take a pay cut to work remotely. However, many professional careers now offer fully remote or flexible working, and here are some of the better paid options out there.

UX designers

UX designers make websites more user friendly; using research and design techniques to create website solutions. This helps website owners to get more clicks or enquiries. While some UX tasks need to be done face to face, such as carrying out research, there are many design and coding tasks that can be done from home. This means you can enjoy a decent salary, while only having to commute for a few days each month.


The days of needing to wait in a physician’s waiting room are over thanks to the internet. Many ailments can now be treated using telemedicine, which basically means you can get a consult with a doctor without needing to be in the same room. This has created many work from home roles for qualified physicians, who simply need to log into specialist software and carry out examinations using video conferencing. It’s a great role for doctors who want to downsize, semi-retire, or need a more flexible role.

Medical writer

Copywriting is a common choice for people who want to work from home, and if you can specialize in certain fields, you’ll find it much easier to get clients and steady work. The average salary for a medical writer is nearly $100,000, and many of these jobs are remote, so you can do them from wherever you are in the world. However, it can be a tough career path, as you usually need a scientific qualification, as well as the ability to write well. Some other specialisms you might want to consider include grant writing and technical writing.


Many real estate agencies are now going virtual, meaning they no longer have offices, but have realtors working from home. In these cases, you’d do most of your admin and phone calls from home but would need to travel for open houses and viewings. However, these can be arranged to suit your lifestyle, so if you have kids or other commitments, you simply ensure your meetings are arranged for a convenient time. With 100% commission real estate roles available, you can make a good income from working as a realtor, and it’s a great job if you’re interested in the property market.

Software engineer

IT roles are ideal for those who want to work from home, and one of the best paid roles in the industry is that of a software engineer. Demand for software engineers is on the rise, especially those who work in cybersecurity or have knowledge of the blockchain, and the more specialized your knowledge, the higher salary you can command.

Working as a software engineer isn’t for everyone. You need an analytical brain and the ability to work with numbers and data. Many of these jobs are filled with graduates who have software engineering, math, computer science or general IT majors, plus you need up to date, specialized knowledge of the sector.


Recruiters, also known as headhunters, work with companies to find the best talent for them. They use their networking skills to ‘hunt’ potential candidates, and act as a go-between, introducing them to their clients. While businesses can simply put adverts for their jobs online, studies have shown as much as 87% of the workforce are open to job opportunities, meaning that while they might not actively look for jobs, they would consider a change if the right role came along.

Most recruiters work in a certain industry, and often have excellent knowledge of its internal workings, so they know what’s involved in each role. Recruiters usually work on commission and are self-employed, so you need excellent communication skills and the ability to negotiate. It can be a very financially rewarding job. When recruiters make a placement, they typically charge between 15-25% of the candidate’s annual salary as a fee, so when you’re placing high-level roles, earning potential is high.


While creative roles are often seen as low-paid, working as a freelance artist can be quite financially rewarding, as well as letting you unleash your creativity. If you have a distinct style and can create your own niche in the market, then you can make a lot of money doing commissions for businesses and private clients. While many work from home jobs simply require a laptop and phone line, it’s worth bearing in mind that artists need space to create, so you will need to turn a room into a studio.


Therapists work in a variety of environments, from hospitals to clinics, and many have a treatment room in their own home. If you are a qualified therapist and have the space to set up a workspace at home, then clients may like seeing you in this more relaxed environment. However, you should think about the location of your home and whether it’s convenient. If you live somewhere remote, then you may want to offer online therapy sessions. This type of therapy is becoming increasingly popular as it gives clients a bigger choice of therapists, including those who specialize in certain areas, and it can work well for those with social anxiety.

Working from home has both advantages and disadvantages, and it certainly suits some people more than others. However, it can save you time and money on your commute, and often works well for those who need flexible hours. Even jobs that have traditionally involved a lot of face to face time with clients or team work are now starting to offer more remote options, so even if you’re qualified for a certain role, you may be able to ask your employer to consider remote working.