A new report released by the Arizona Technology Council shows Arizona’s tech sector is growing at a rate 40 percent faster than the U.S. overall. The report follows years of significant gains to Arizona’s tech sector.

According to the Arizona Technology Council’s Quarterly Impact report, since the start of 2019, Arizona has added 2,600 technology jobs. Tech jobs in Arizona have seen a 5.1 percent wage growth, with an average annual salary of over $80,000.

“Arizona embraces innovation, and tech companies around the world are taking note,” said Governor Ducey. “With our business-friendly environment, diverse and growing pool of talent, and unbeatable quality of life, Arizona has cemented itself as one of the fastest growing tech centers in the nation. My thanks goes out to all the entrepreneurs and hardworking employees putting their ideas into action and bringing more jobs and opportunity to Arizona.”

According to the Cyberstates 2019 report, Arizona ranked in the top five for total new net tech business establishments added between 2017 and 2018. In total, Arizona supports:

• 241,671 tech jobs,

• And more than 9,800 tech establishments.

And the good news is not just happening in Maricopa County. Recently, CBRE named Tucson, Arizona its top “opportunity market” for tech talent among its categories for smaller and mid-sized markets. Tucson has experienced a 90 percent increase in tech jobs over the last 5 years— the highest of any market in CBRE’s rankings. Tucson also surpassed all other markets for five-year annual tech wage growth, which has grown 29 percent to $90,528.

Arizona has attracted big tech company names like Intel, ZipRecruiter and Waymo. Here’s what others have said about Arizona’s welcoming business environment.

John Zanni, CEO of cybersecurity firm Acronis SCS, which recently established an office in Scottsdale, said in a blog post: “With impressive defense and tech infrastructure already in place, access to the nation’s top talent, and a high standard of living, Arizona is a force to be reckoned with in cybersecurity. In tech, Governor Ducey and the state are committed to positioning Arizona as a hotbed of innovation. With its unique approach to tech, defense, and business, Arizona is forging a path all its own.”

ZipRecruiter CEO Ian Siegel said: “There’s a lot of talent in Arizona, and we will continue to tap into that pool of candidates as we expand. We’ve recently begun hiring software developers and business analysts for our Tempe office. Our growth here in Tempe has been phenomenal. That’s due in no small part to the deep pool of talent in the area. We look forward to continuing to grow and invest in Arizona. All my hiring expansion is going to be in Tempe.”

“We are strategically located in Arizona to take full advantage of all the resources the state has to offer. The expansion of our Tempe facility will bring hundreds of technical and non-technical jobs to the community,” said Pete Clavell, TEKsystems Regional Director of Recruiting.