Arizona has added 300,000 new jobs since 2015

Jobs | 26 Dec, 2019 |

This year, Arizona surpassed 300,000 new private-sector jobs added since 2015. Arizona was also ranked in the top five for economic momentum as well as growth in population, jobs and personal income by State Policy Reports.

Companies from across the globe chose Arizona to expand or relocate, bringing major jobs announcements to the state. Some companies that celebrated Arizona jobs announcements include:

• Lucid Motors with 2,200 jobs,

• Silicon Valley Bank with 300 jobs,

• Raytheon Missile Systems with 1,000 jobs in Southern Arizona,

• Microsoft Datacenters with 1,100 direct and indirect jobs,

• CarMax with 430 jobs,  

• Infosys with more than 1,000 jobs,

• And Hopebridge Therapy Centers with 650 jobs.

Additionally, the tech sector grew significantly throughout the state. According to the Arizona Technology Council, Arizona’s tech sector is growing at a rate 40 percent faster than the U.S. overall. Tech jobs in Arizona have seen a 5.1 percent wage growth, with an average annual salary of over $80,000.

Southern Arizona is making waves in the state’s overall tech growth. CBRE recently named Tucson its top “opportunity market” for tech talent among its categories for smaller and mid-sized markets. Tucson has experienced a 90 percent increase in tech jobs over the last 5 years — the highest of any market in CBRE’s rankings. Tucson also surpassed all other markets for five-year annual tech wage growth, which has grown 29 percent to $90,528.

Arizona is also experiencing its strongest manufacturing job growth in 30 years. Data shows Arizona exported $19.5 billion worth of goods in 2018 and the state’s manufacturing employment increased 9 percent from 2014 to 2018— compared to the national average of 4 percent. Right now, Arizona supports more jobs in the manufacturing sector than it does in construction.

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