There are many perks of working from home: It’s convenient, there’s no commute, and it often saves you money on food, transportation, and other work-related expenses. Working from home is also ideal for parents because they won’t have to pay for expensive child care — their children can stay home with them. 

But there can be many downsides to working from home, too. You’ll have less social interaction since you won’t be hanging around coworkers, which can make you feel more isolated. If you’re a parent, you might experience constant disruptions from your children, making it difficult to work for long periods of time. If you live alone or with roommates who are gone all day, you might not get out of the house as much as you should. Most of all, working from home can make it difficult to stay active or make time for healthy choices. But fortunately, working from home can also make it easier to eat right and stay active — you might just have to put in a little more effort than if you worked away from home.

Here are a few tips for how you can stay active and healthy when working from home:

Prepare Meals in Advance

This step can actually be helpful when you work at the office, too. Preparing meals in advance will help you to eat better, save money, and keep you energized during a busy work week. For example, on a Sunday you could plan all of your meals for the week, do the shopping, and then prepare most or all of your meals ahead of time. You might prepare entire meals or simply get a few meals started so it’ll take less time to prepare full meals during the week. You might grill a bunch of veggies, cut up fruit for oatmeal, cook some chicken or other protein for lunches or dinners, and make a pasta salad. Check food blogs or Instagram for weekly meal ideas to help you out and keep things fresh.

Make Time for Stretching and Exercise

Whether you’re a freelancer, online tech specialist, or even a professional gamer, working from home likely means you’re spending long hours at a computer. But sitting at a computer all day is detrimental to our bodies and our mental health. That’s why it’s crucial to make time for simple exercises and stretching exercises throughout the day to help undo the damage of a sedentary lifestyle. And make sure to focus on stretching your neck and back to prevent headaches, back pain, and tense muscles.

You don’t have to go to the gym or purchase expensive equipment to get a good workout in, either. At most, you might need some weights, a yoga mat, or cheap training equipment. If you’re not up to a walk or run outside, do some yoga or some basic exercises. There are also plenty of great workout videos on YouTube and Amazon. Try out a few until you find an instructor and intensity level that work for you.

Take Frequent Breaks

In an office, you might take breaks to chat with coworkers, get a snack, run office-related errands, and eat lunch. But from home, you might feel more compelled to work for hours at a time without taking a break, even for lunch. But taking short breaks from work throughout the day will make you happier, more productive, and better at your job. Short breaks can also help to reduce stress and improve concentration and energy.

You should make sure that your breaks are informal and unscheduled, and be sure to take them after you’ve completed a task and not in the middle of a task. So, how should you spend your breaks? Listen to music, stay hydrated, eat a snack, do some stretches, or just get up and move around. Take a break from looking at screens, even if just for five minutes — your eyes, neck, and back will thank you. And most importantly: Don’t do anything work-related, such as checking emails, organizing your planner, or making a to-do list.

It’s never too late to make wellness a priority. If needed, start with small changes and take it slow. Before you know it, you’ll be at the top of your game.