Eliances, an entrepreneurship ROUNDtable that brings together entrepreneurs from diverse industries, fields and backgrounds, has announced that SkySong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center, will host its weekly sessions.

The Eliances ROUNDtable has gained immense popularity with local entrepreneurs, and available seats are booked within the hour of the announcement of each weekly session.It is comprised of inventors, entrepreneurs, investors, angels, startup businesses, community lenders, bank directors, CFOs, top business lawyers,celebrities and more.  As a benefit of Eliances’ partnership with ASU SkySong, entrepreneurs enrolled in the various entrepreneurial support programs and accelerators run by Arizona State University’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group, which is based at ASU SkySong, now have a seat reserved for them at the ROUNDtable.

“Eliances is all about building relationships,” said Mark Svejda, a member of the Eliances Advisory Committee, who is a crowdfunding attorney and owner of crowdfundingattorney.com.  “The relationship between Eliances and SkySong will foster innovation and dynamic business growth not only in Arizona but throughout the country.”

Gordon McConnell, ASU’s assistant vice president of innovation, entrepreneurship and venture acceleration, added “The partnership between Eliances and SkySong is a great opportunity to build Arizona’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. We’re very pleased that ASU’s entrepreneurs will be able to benefit from the ROUNDtable’s resources and connections.”

Eliances’ weekly ROUNDtable is a hub consisting of strong mentors, business professionals and entrepreneurs who are introduced to a great deal of resources, strong influences, expert skills, contacts and innovative business strategies. The ROUNDtable has the presence of prominent recurring members that include investors, a former Arizona state senator, Harvard graduates, an inventor with 140 patents and media experts as well as local and international business leaders.  This expertise, coupled with fresh new entrepreneurial talent brought in through the ASU SkySong partnership, has set the ROUNDtable up to be even more successful.

The ASU Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group helps entrepreneurs launch their for-profit, nonprofit and more-than-profit ventures through programs such as the Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative, the Arizona Furnace Technology Transfer Accelerator and the ASU Startup Accelerator, which provide funding, incubation space and mentorship to high-potential startups. The group also serves as a central point of entry for the ASU community to explore entrepreneurship and innovation and learn about the wide range of entrepreneurship-related classes, programs and resources available throughout the university and within the state’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“As a mentor for ASU’s Edson and Furnace programs, I am excited about this new strategic partnership,” said ROUNDtable member Craig Miller, who is an angel investor and owner and managing director of Southwest CFO Services.  “Partnering with ASU SkySong for space, in conjunction with the top industry talent invited to the ROUNDtable, will provide a source of resources never before assembled to support innovation and the entrepreneurial ecosystem here in Phoenix.”

With the partnership between ASU SkySong and Eliances, a seat will be reserved at the ROUNDtable every week for an entrepreneur who has been accepted into one of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group’s accelerator programs.

“We are very pleased with our new partnership with ASU SkySong,” said Chief Eliances Officer David Cogan. “This will allow our members to join in mentoring and fostering business growth within our community. I’m excited to bring exposure and add additional high-quality individuals to SkySong. Last week one of our members discussed his direct connect to a king in an Arab country, another is a regular on the Dr. Oz show and we had a guest who won five world championship poker tournaments.”