Want to work for yourself? More becoming a solopreneur

Jobs | 19 Jan |

Is 2020 the year where you become your own boss? It’s easier than you’d think and tons of people in Arizona are already making moves to ditch the 9 to 5 and become a solopreneur. What’s a solopreneur? Exactly what it sounds like! It’s one person running their own gig (which means not having to manage people to make your business successful, whew!). 

The experts at Business.org were curious about the most popular solopreneur jobs nationwide, so what did they do? Created a report on it of course. 

Which dreams are U.S. residents most keen to pursue? The report found that Arizona’s most popular solopreneurial job is a Tutor. 

The interesting stuff from the report: 

ª Surprising absolutely no one, California’s top-ranked solopreneur job is social media influencer. A little more surprising? “Social media influencer” was also the most-searched term in Illinois and Texas—two lovely states, of course, but both with a much lower reputation for stardom than La-La Land. 

• Estheticians had the most-searched solopreneur job in Hawaii (spa treatments clearly go hand in hand with paradise-seeking vacationers).

• People in Idaho and Utah seem to need a little extra encouragement; life coaching came in first in both states. 

• “Amazon seller” took first place in three states thousands of miles apart: Florida, Nevada, and New Jersey. Obviously, solopreneurs can follow Amazon’s motto (“Work Hard. Have Fun.”) no matter where in the US they live. 

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