Let’s cut to the chase and call 2020, the most troubled year ever. It is packed with a scary pandemic, several natural disasters, economic depression, and massive unrest. It’s nothing like we wanted it to be. We are all trying to stay alive. That’s the best we can do in times like these. However, we cannot simply ignore the fact that our jobs and businesses are at stake. It is still easy for people with a job because they can work from home while their company pays their fixed salary.

The real atrocity is for self-employed people. They have already suffered enormous losses because of the lockdown. Now that the markets are opening gradually, they have new challenges in front of them. There is an excellent chance that a lot of businesses will be losing their customers, and the pandemic is to blame. A large portion of the population is only buying the essential goods and services, and that too from the nearest shop possible. If you are worried about your business going downhill, you can try the following ways to keep in front of customers, in the age of COVID.

Give out freebies to customers

By suggesting you come up with freebies for your customers, we are not trying to make you go bankrupt. There is a simple idea, using which you can promote your business and make your customers happy at the same time. All you need to do is buy things that people tend to look at often, in bulk — for example, refrigerator magnets or calendars. What you need to do next is get these items printed with your business’s name and other details on them. Every time you have a customer over, you can offer him/her a promotional freebie that entails your brand image.

Offer attractive discounts to customers

There will rarely be any customer on this planet who would refuse a good discount. You can make good use of this widely known fact and save your business from crashing down. If you have been in business, you know how this works. All you need to do is increase the maximum retail price slightly and adjust the surplus amount as the discount. Even if you have to downsize your profit margin, don’t refrain from doing it. Your customers will be more than happy to be receiving a little discount in this situation when the economy is tighter than it has ever been.

Send out customized emails to customers

If you have been following the traditional way of doing business, this point might throw you off a little bit, but believe us when we say that it works like magic. If you have been in the habit of maintaining the data of your customers, this is the best time to put it into the right use. Sending out customized emails to your pre-existing customers will help you get back in touch with them while it will remind them of your praiseworthy customer service. You can simply send them your regards and a little sneak peek at the products that you think they might like in the email. Don’t forget to mention their names generously throughout the mail. This is what gives a personalized appeal to the mail.

Keep your business area sanitized

You must have heard a million times already about the importance of sanitization in the age of Coronavirus but allow us to remind you once more because it is not only good for your health but also your business. Keeping your business area sanitized lowers down your risk of catching the deadly virus while letting your customers know that your shop or office is safe for them to enter.

Maintain social distancing at work

This is not much different from the last point we made. Proper sanitization and maintaining social distancing are both vital things to do, keeping the current situation in mind. They will save your life, and if you make sure that your customers are maintaining enough distance in your business area, you will turn out to be their savior as well. When people have a look at this, they can’t resist buying from you as your business seems safe to them.