Having a noisy neighbor is among the issues that can make your home feel uninhabitable. Ideally, politely asking the neighbors to reduce the noise is the best way to solve the situation. You could also try having peaceful negotiations with the neighbor to try and show them why they need to reduce the noise. However, in case the neighbor has ignored your appeals, you could consider solving the issue the legal way. This will be the surest way that your neighbor will respond. Here are three tips from a real estate lawyer on how to legally deal with a noisy neighbor.

Consult your city’s ordinance

When you have a noisy neighbor who is disturbing your peace, you could consult your city’s ordinance to have an idea on how to deal with the situation. You could get the ordinance from the city hall or the local library. This will guide you on some of the steps to follow concerning your noisy neighbor. It will also help you warn your neighbor of the consequences that they may face if the noise continues after several warnings. The city’s ordinance will also help you ensure that you take the right steps or follow the right procedure when dealing with the noisy neighbor after getting a cheap and best house and land package.

Send them a copy of the ordinance

In case the disturbance has led to a court case, you will need to provide evidence that you have warned the neighbors before. For this reason, write to them a formal letter requesting them to reduce the noise. As you send the letter, attach a copy of the city’s ordinance to remind them of some of the consequences of their behaviors. Additionally, you could mention your intentions to reach out to the legal authorities in case there is no change. This will help show the neighbor that the noise is getting out of hand and that they need to reduce it.

Take legal actions

In case your efforts to warn the neighbor have borne no fruits, then you may consider taking legal actions and sue them for nuisance. Prepare evidence to show that there is excess and disturbing noise and that the neighbor you are suing is the source. Additionally, prepare evidence to show that you have warned the neighbor to remain silent before. Remember that without these evidence, convincing the court of your claims will be easier said than done. When working with an excellent real estate lawyer, it is possible to stop the nuisance and get compensated for the inconveniences. The lawyer will also help you collect and prepare evidence that will work in court.

Excess noise is among the leading causes of conflict among neighbors. In case your neighbor has not responded to your warning on the level of their noise, then you could consider taking some legal actions to help restore your peace in your neighborhood. Use the information above from a real estate lawyer when getting an off the plan house and land packages Melbourne to help reduce the disturbing noise.