The year 2019 was a milestone of epic proportion for top-rated criminal defense law firm, DM Cantor, as they have accomplished what no other firm in Arizona has done: 150 complete acquittals at Jury trial with a verdict of “Not Guilty” on ALL charges during the firm’s existence. As of the date of this release, no other Arizona law firm has more than 24 Complete Acquittals publicly posted. Amassing a record of 150 complete jury trial acquittals is no simple task due to the fact that only a few acquittals happen each year.

What makes this such an astonishing accomplishment is because only a small percentage of cases statewide and nationwide make it as far as jury trial, and end in favor of the defendant. According to research study, in 2018 there were close to 80,000 federal criminal cases with only 2% making it to a jury trial.  Of those 79,704 cases nationwide, only 320 cases that went to trial ended with an acquittal. The numbers are nearly as low on the state-level. For example, in 2017 only 2.7% of felony cases in California went to jury trial, according to the National Center for State Courts.

DM Cantor, founded by David Michael Cantor, is a criminal defense practice which represents people in Phoenix and across Arizona who are facing criminal charges. The DM Cantor attorneys recognize the stakes involved when people are accused of crimes, and they work hard to secure the best outcome for their clients. Reaching 150 complete jury acquittals at trial is a win for both the firm, their clients, and for justice.

The impressive victories that DM Cantor has achieved continues. In addition to the 150 Complete Jury Trial Acquittals, DM Cantor has also secured nearly 5,000 total case wins. These victories include case dismissals, partial jury trial acquittals, complete bench trial acquittals, partial bench trial acquittals, probation terminations, appellate victories, and sentence modifications. Every case victory and trial win represent protecting the constitutional rights and freedoms of Arizonans across the state.

The jury trials that the DM Cantor attorneys have won include crimes ranging from minor misdemeanors to serious felony offenses. Many of the cases involved DUIs and Aggravated DUIs, sex offenses, aggravated assaults, drug crimes, homicides, fraud crimes, and other serious charges. DM Cantor believes that all people who are accused of crimes deserve to present a strong defense and that the prosecution must be held to their burden of proof in every case.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, DM Cantor focuses on criminal law matters. The firm has 4 Board Certified Criminal Law Specialists per the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization, which is the most of any law firm in Arizona. Other notable recognitions the firm has achieved are:

• 2019 Litigator of the Year, Criminal Law, by the American Institute of Trial Lawyers.

• AV Preeminent rating through Martindale-Hubbell, which is the highest peer-reviewed rating that is awarded by the organization.

• Listed in the 2019 Super Lawyers directory and magazine centerfold writeup.

• Listed on the Nation’s Top 1% for Criminal Defense.

• Top 10 DUI Defense Law Firm in the nation.

• Dismissal with prejudice of a capital murder case and other high-profile cases.

• Appearances on national media, including CNN, Anderson Cooper Live, the CBS Morning Show, Hannity and Colmes, and Inside Edition. Some of their cases have been featured on MSNBC and CNN, and the attorneys have appeared on every news station in Arizona.