Krystle Delgado
Krystle Delgado
Photo: Mark Greenawalt

After dedicating years to her music career, Krystle Delgado is creating a new path, but instead it’s on the legal side of things.

Delgado is best known for her own music career which has been in motion since she was 10 years old. But now, at 27, she is putting a little twist on her career path and opening her own law firm. She will not only be performing in the music business, but also protecting her fellow musicians and filmmakers.

It all started when she was 16. Delgado decided she was going to become a lawyer. Her “golden moment” was when she was sitting in a van with her mom right before her cello lesson at ASU. She told her mom that she wanted to do something that was challenging, by being either a doctor or a lawyer.

“You would be such a great lawyer because you’re such a performer,” her mom said.

And after that conversation, she set her eyes on becoming a lawyer.

After becoming a lawyer, and practicing for many years around the valley, Delgado has now opened up her own law firm called Delgado Entertainment Law, PLLC.

She took this step because it is important to her to represent the indie filmmakers and music artists, knowing the struggles of being an upcoming artist.

“I know the nuances of these agreements and what to look for, so I can give that real world experience,” she said. “Attorneys in Phoenix are actually far and few for entertainment law. First and foremost and sometimes the most important thing for people seeking a law firm or an attorney to review a document is just pricing,”

To help her clients in the entertainment industry, she set up pricing for her firm in a way that is more affordable to young independent artists, allowing them to make monthly payments for representation.

The unique style of her firm gives her a bit of a head start and first pick at clientele, since there aren’t many other entertainment based firms in the Valley.

To reach out and find clients Delgado uses the word of mouth. Many of her clients already know of her in the community and have sent others and have reached out themselves to her for help. She also has a Facebook where she gives out advice on  how to protect yourself as an artist.

Lawyers are known to be busy and hard to get in touch with, she said.

“I’m very very particular when it comes to making sure that my clients are getting my time,” Delgado said.

She makes sure she is always available. It’s all about case management for her. The size of her caseload determines how many clients she is helping at one time, but Delgado strives to help as many artists as she can.
Delgado’s favorite part about being a lawyer is the interactions she gets to have with her clients. She likes providing her clients with the best deal possible; Delgado takes pride in knowing she is able to make a positive impact on the lives of independent artists.