As Super Bowl LIV – the single most popular sporting event on which to bet in the United States – is fast approaching, the Arizona Department of Gaming (ADG) offers tips to help you follow Arizona law and bet legally on the Super Bowl. If you plan to wager on whether the San Francisco 49ers or the Kansas City Chiefs will earn the National Football League Championship title, do not bet your money just yet. While sports betting remains illegal in the state of Arizona, social gambling in your office pool can be, if you follow a few simple rules. 

“The Arizona Department of Gaming wants Arizonans to enjoy watching Super Bowl LIV, and for those who choose, making a friendly social gambling wager,” said Ted Vogt, ADG Director. “Before you kick off your office or home pool, be sure to follow Arizona law.” 

ADG urges grid pool administrators to keep these guidelines on standby to ensure legal wagers: 

• Arizona law [A.R.S. 13-3301(7)] specifies social gambling is not to be conducted as business, which means that hosts cannot receive financial benefit, unless they are participating in the game.

• Social gambling requires all pool money be paid to the winner(s), and that only participants can win. 

A few things to be on the lookout for that indicate illegal gambling are where a grid pool host:

• Charges a fee to participate (“suggested” or “voluntary” donations, rental fees, etc.),

• Keeps a percentage of the pool for administering the game,

• Requires a minimum purchase to participate (food or beverage, etc.), and

• Creates unequal odds (assigns numbers to the first column and row before filling the grid with names). 

ADG takes complaints about illegal gambling seriously. If you have a tip concerning suspected illegal gambling, or would simply like additional information, contact ADG at (602) 771-4263.

Learn more by viewing ADG’s Gambling Tips to Remember: