With the National Collegiate Athletic Association annual basketball tournament in full swing, fans in Arizona are making their picks and chasing the perfect bracket for this first March Madness season since the 2018 Supreme Court landmark ruling gave states leeway to allow and regulate sports gambling. While sports bettors across the county place wagers on the tournament, these bets remain illegal in Arizona.

“Even though sports gambling remains illegal in our state, anyone interested can find a March Madness betting option to be a part of the action,” Arizona Department of Gaming (ADG) Director Ted Vogt said. “Office grid pools and small bracket tournaments among family and friends can be legal under Arizona’s social gambling exception if you follow state law.”

ADG reminds you to avoid an unintended violation by steering clear of the following illegal gambling situations:

• Paying a fee to participate, including “suggested” or “voluntary” donations

• A host who keeps a percentage of the pool to administer the game

• Required minimum purchase to participate (food, beverage, etc.)

• Unequal odds

• Underage participants (under 21 years of age)

According to Arizona law [A.R.S. § 13-3301(7)], social gambling requires:

• Hosts pay out all pool money to winners,

• That only participants can win, and

• Players compete on equal terms with each other.

For additional information and tips, please visit http://bit.ly/2AZGambleTips. ADG takes complaints about illegal gambling very seriously. If you have a tip concerning suspected illegal gambling, or just need information, please call (602) 771-4263.