As 2023 quickly approaches, Az Business magazine sat down with some of Arizona’s most innovative and forward-thinking business leaders to discuss industry trends and potential new business development executives should be paying attention to in 2023. Today, we meet Patrick O’Meara, founder and owner of Taylor Street.

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Patrick O’Meara

Founder and owner

Taylor Street

O’Meara is the founder and CEO of Taylor Street, a full-service real estate firm that provides expert advisory services focused on advisory, finance, investments and property management. He is also the founder of Patrick Ventures, his family office that is an owner, operator, and private equity investor in real estate, consumer products, finance, and prop tech. For 25 years, O’Meara has owned, invested, financed, and advised on more than $10 billion of commercial and residential real estate nationwide.

ATTRACTION TO INDUSTRY: “Ironically, I went to the University of Arizona to be an architect and that lasted about six months. Once I realized that drawing turned into computers and sitting in front of a computer 12 hours a day, that was not something I wanted to do. I switched degrees into accounting and finance because I knew you could always get a job as an accountant or finance person. I went to a great company that was lending in commercial real estate and fell in love with it. It’s the perfect left brain, right brain.”

LEADERSHIP STYLE: “The most successful thing for me is teaching a person and moving them into a position where they’re better than me, and that’s what you want. I run my organization like a reverse triangle, where most people look at an organization where you’re top down, and top down means the person’s dictating what’s going on. In my organization, it’s bottom up.”

JOB SATISFACTION: “I enjoy watching my younger people grow into strong entrepreneurs, strong investment salespeople in the commercial real estate side of brokerage. On the financial side, I enjoy watching my young people turn into market makers and giving sound financial advice.”

SOURCE OF PRICE: “On the personal side, I named my company after my daughter, Taylor. She’s a pre-professional ballerina and she works harder than anyone I’ve ever seen. And the professional accomplishment that gives me the most pride is getting good, quality people up to a level that almost reaches my daughter’s level. What I have today and what I didn’t have when we first began, is a core team that’s experienced with great influence in the market and who cares about their clients. It’s taken a long time. But I’m proud of that.”