The AZ Big Media family lost one of its most dynamic and memorable members today.

Lenore Grobstein, who was vice president of sales and marketing for Ranking Arizona until she retired in 2012, died of cancer Wednesday at the age of 68.

Starting in 2003, Grobstein was the catalyst that helped build Ranking Arizona into the most iconic business directory in the state: a nearly 500-page annual that is based on the largest business opinion poll in Arizona.

Those who knew Lenore knows that she was small in stature, but big in personality. Lenore took great pride in showcasing the companies that were featured in Ranking Arizona. But if Ranking Arizona focused on individuals, there are several categories in which Lenore would rank No. 1. Most feisty. Most fearless. Most fiery. Most proud former Phoenix Suns cheerleader. Most fun. And now sadly, most missed.

Rest in peace, Lenore.